August 1, 2021

China sharply rejects NATO’s criticism

foreign countries Summit in Brussels

“Defamation” – China sharply rejects criticism of NATO

Biden Putin wants to set these limits

US President Biden will meet Russian President Putin in Geneva on Wednesday. The US President demands that Russian hacker attacks on Western countries must stop. But it also signals a willingness to cooperate.

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China has criticized NATO’s stance that the People’s Republic is a threat to the alliance. The NATO declaration misjudges China’s peaceful development, it said in a message from Beijing.

China has sharply rejected NATO’s criticism. The Chinese representation to the EU said on Tuesday that NATO is exaggerating the threat posed by China and creating confrontation. She called on NATO to “view China’s development rationally”, no longer spread “various exaggerated forms” of a “threat theory” and no longer accept China’s “legitimate interests and rights” as a pretext for manipulation and the “artificial” creation of confrontation use.

At their first summit meeting with US President Joe Biden, the heads of state and government of NATO took a clear position vis-à-vis China for the first time on Monday in Brussels. Beijing’s behavior represents “a systemic challenge for the rules-based international order,” said the summit’s final declaration. NATO expressed its concern about a “policy of coercion” which is contrary to the core values ​​of the Alliance and concerns areas “which are relevant to the security of the Alliance”. Beijing is also quickly expanding its nuclear arsenal and cooperating “militarily with Russia.”

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“Defamation of China’s Peaceful Development”

Beijing rejected NATO’s allegations as “defamation of China’s peaceful development” and “misjudgment of the international situation and its own role”. It is a “continuation of a Cold War mentality”.

While Biden urged the European NATO members to focus more on China, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) warned to “find the right balance” in dealing with China. China is a rival on many issues, but at the same time a partner on many issues.

Relations with China were also on the agenda at the G7 summit, which ended in Cornwall on Sunday. The participants from the seven leading industrialized countries demanded that Beijing respect human rights and free access to the South China Sea. Beijing also dismissed this criticism as “lies, courts and baseless accusations” as well as interference in internal affairs.

China’s military budget – the second largest in the world after that of the United States – is set to increase by 6.8 percent this year, the Treasury Department announced in March. Beijing has also invested billions in its space program in order to catch up with the pioneers USA and Russia.