July 26, 2021

Did left-wing extremists torch the wrong company’s cars? – BZ Berlin

The fire protection test planned for Thursday at Rigaer Straße 94 will take place! That has now been decided by the Berlin Administrative Court. The residents’ urgent application was rejected. And that promptly results in violence.

The reason given by the administrative court for your decision: The residents’ interest in being spared the fire protection test has to subordinate themselves to the interest in an expert test.

As of Wednesday, demonstrations and assemblies are prohibited in the neighborhood around the house! Cars, bicycles, clothes containers and even garbage cans have to disappear from the surrounding streets under massive police protection.

Police operation in Rigaer Straße (archive picture) (Photo: dpa)
Police officers in Rigaer Strasse (archive image: dpa)

The residents of the house in Friedrichshain, which had been converted into an extremist fortress, had promised in advance that they would defend it with all possible means.

The urgent application from her lawyer was the most harmless means.

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Because their announcements were followed by acts of violence: On Thursday night, a rubbish bin set on fire lured the fire brigade and police into an ambush and greeted them with a hail of stones.

Fire brigade in Rigaer Strasse pelted with stones by chaos (Photo: spreepicture)
Rescue workers were pelted with stones by chaos in Rigaer Straße (Photo: spreepicture)

Wrong company cars flared

The arson attacks on vehicles of a fire protection company on Rhinstrasse in Marzahn are also said to be on the account of the left-wing extremist violent perpetrators.

► Bitter: The company is not intended for the planned on-site visit.

Seven cars went up in flames on Monday afternoon in Rhinstrasse (Photo: Spreepicture)
Several cars went up in flames on Monday afternoon in Rhinstrasse (Photo: Spreepicture)

They did not want to comment there on Tuesday. Just this: “We could watch our company cars burn down from the eighth floor.”

However, there were only four company cars! The rest of the cars belonged to unsuspecting tenants.