August 2, 2021

Federico Viñas closes the door to MLS

Federico Viñas is focused on gaining the trust of Santiago Solari to start with America, so his departure to American football is ruled out

MEXICO – The Uruguayan Federico Viñas is getting ready to start the next tournament with the shirt of the America and it closes the door definitively to him to a possible transfer to the MLS.

Sources close to the player confirmed ESPN that despite the fact that the Uruguayan is intended by several North American teams, there is no way that the attacker will emigrate to the United States for the second half of 2021.

The same source told ESPN that Vineyards is focused on gaining the absolute trust of Santiago Solari and being the starting striker of the AmericaFurthermore, he pointed out that the only way for Viñas to leave Coapa is for an offer of European football to arrive and that it comes from one of the stellar leagues of the old continent so as not to stop the development of the man who emerged in the Club Juventud De las Stones of Uruguay.

For now Vineyards he stays on vacation waiting for June 21 to arrive and report with the rest of his teammates to the preseason of the Americanist team; the forward knows that he will have to find his best physical and footballing version if he wants to overcome the 456 minutes of play that the previous tournament had.

On the other hand, there are other players who have doubts about his continuity with the Americanist team, Nicolas Benedetti has a couple of proposals for teams from Colombia and could return to soccer in his country. At the moment, both offers would be in the quality of a loan with an option to buy.

Regarding the case of Renato Ibarra, the Ecuadorian is waiting to define his future. On America It simply has no place and they are working to find a team for him. At this time, Atlas and Grupo Orlegui have preference to keep Renato in the red and black ranks.