July 31, 2021

Hamburg lifts the mask requirement outside before the weekend | NDR.de – News – Hamburg

Status: June 15, 2021 4:21 p.m.

In Hamburg, the mask requirement in outdoor areas will be lifted – before the coming weekend.

Because the Corona numbers in the Hanseatic city “are still stable at a low level”, the Senate decided to take this step, Senate spokesman Marcel Schweitzer said on Tuesday at the state press conference in town hall.

You have to keep wearing masks at weekly markets

The mask requirement should, however, continue to apply to weekly markets. And masks should continue to be worn wherever it is particularly tight – the Senate spokesman named Mönckebergstrasse as an example when there was a lot of crowds.

Relaxation in buses and trains? Transport ministers advise

In Hamburg, the mask requirement remains indoors, said Schweitzer. This means that the previous regulation will remain in place in restaurants, theaters and concert halls, for example. The Conference of Transport Ministers will discuss on Wednesday whether it will soon be relaxed in buses and trains. The Senate is in favor of at least one medical mask.

Mask requirement in classrooms remains

At the Hamburg schools, nothing should change about the mask requirement before the summer holidays from Thursday next week. “Despite the positive development in the number of infections, we prefer to remain cautious,” said the spokesman for the school authorities, Peter Albrecht. The current regulations on mask and test compulsory have proven themselves and worked well. The mask requirement in class has only been lifted for the subject of sport. In any case, the school authorities do not specify any mask requirements for the outdoor and break areas.

AUDIO: Hamburg abolishes mask requirement outside (1 min)

At the end of February, the Senate introduced compulsory masks in numerous particularly busy places outdoors. Masks have had to be worn in local public transport since the end of April last year. Medical masks were made mandatory in January, and mouth and nose protection in buses and trains has had to meet the FFP2 standard since April 24.

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