August 6, 2021

María Celeste returns to TV, confirms that she joins the CNN network

  • It was María Celeste Arrarás herself who confirmed her return to the small screen
  • The host was fired from Telemundo in August of last year
  • After leaving the Hispanic network, María Celeste Arrarás opened her YouTube channel

María Celeste returns to TV. Almost a year after leaving Telemundo, María Celeste Arrarás confirmed her return to the small screen. It was on her official Instagram account where the journalist gave the news to her 1.9m followers, who overflowed with congratulations to the Puerto Rican.

Before confirming her return, the host uploaded a publication in which she announced that she had already signed a contract to return to television, although she did not give more details: “New Television Contract SIGNED! And you will be the first to know the details VERY SOON ”.

María Celeste returns to TV: She thrills her followers

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“Congratulations Queen !! Back with everything !! “,” We are too happy. Just don’t leave MClive ”,“ God always closes a door for you to open a bigger one ”,“ Congratulations, you deserve all the best. Don’t stop doing your show here and on YouTube ”, commented María Celeste’s followers in that publication.

And it was right there where the same host assured that in addition to her new job on television she would continue with the content for her YouTube channel, which recently exceeded one million visits, it was with a message that Arrarás clarified that she would continue with her channel: MC Live will continue as well ”.

María Celeste returns to TV: It’s official, it joins CNN

María Celeste Arrarás returns to television
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The confirmation of his return was made to one of the previous publication with a message that says: “With great pride and enthusiasm I tell you first that I join the CNN en Español network. So now my potential audience grows to 50 million viewers throughout the world. “

In the image of the publication you can read the following message: “Arrarás will lead the new block of investigative documentaries of the chain, CNN Docufilms with María Celeste Arrarás”. The publication already has more than 7 thousand likes and thousands of comments.

María Celeste returns to TV: They express their good wishes

María Celeste Arrarás returns to television
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Immediately his colleagues such as Neida Sandoval, Quique Usales, Jessica Maldonado, and the director of People en Español, Armando Correa, Rodner Figueroa, expressed their best wishes, as well as his followers, who wrote: “Bravísimo !!!!! ! Congratulations”.

“Congratulations”, “God bless you in everything you undertake! Success ”,“ Blessings! Beautiful ”,“ Excellent news, you are the best !! God I kept opening doors! Congratulations you deserve it!!! good journalist ”,“ What good news. Many successes teacher ”.

María Celeste returns to TV: “After the storm, everything is aligned for more success”

María Celeste Arrarás returns to television
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The comments with the good wishes to María Celeste Arrarás continued: “Bravooooooo the mere mere @mariacelestearraras #vamospormas”, “Esoooooooo !!! the MC train does not stop anything “,” Excellent MC. Great combination! ”,“ Congratulations María Celeste ”.

“Congratulations, after the storm everything is aligned for more success. Congratulations, you deserve that and much more. Happy because in my family we have always seen you for many years. You are part of the programs that you saw united as a family, of those programs that united you when you saw it and those family memories are priceless. Successes !!! ”.

María Celeste returns to TV: “You deserve it, success”

María Celeste Arrarás returns to television
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“Excellent, congratulations”, “Many congratulations”, “That !!!! In good time ”,“ You deserve it, success ”,“ Yaaaaaas! much success and blessings! I love this news ”,“ The best journalist in the Spanish language @mariacelestearraras, successes and blessings ”,“ Congratulations ”.

The followers of María Celeste were very happy with the news: “I suspected it when Camilo interviewed you! I’m glad! Congratulations! Successes and blessings ”,“ I am not surprised !! Bigger and bigger always. Many congratulations MC ”,“ Many congratulations. It will be a success like EVERYTHING you do !!! ”.

Achieve success on YouTube

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After being fired from Telemundo, María Celeste Arrarás did not remain with her arms crossed and entered social networks and created her own content for YouTube, that was how she created “MC LIVE”, the program where she interviews celebrities.

A few days ago it was announced that “MC LIVE” exceeded one million visits, and as María Celeste herself said, it will continue to do so despite the fact that she is already part of the ranks of CNN in Spanish. As you will recall, it was last January that Arrarás announced the launch of his new weekly YouTube program in which “the main figures of the Hispanic world share a life lesson.”

Over a million visits

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“The program has become the favorite of the fans” of this Puerto Rican journalist and in a very short time reached one million visits, said a statement. The first figure invited to the Arrarás program was the Mexican-born journalist María Elena Salinas, now on CBS News, who left Univision after a fruitful 37-year professional career in this medium, Efe reported.

Other celebrities who have been through “MC LIVE” are the Cuban-American singer Gloria Estefan, the Puerto Rican presenter and actress Adamari López, the Cuban actor Mario Cimarro, the presenter Mario Luis Kreutzberger, better known as Don Francisco, the writer Isabel Allende or journalist Marie Antoinette Collins.

They share great anecdotes with the journalist

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“All of them have opened their hearts and have come to share strong, moving and personal stories that until now they have never revealed,” he added. “It is an honor for me that these celebrities have the confidence to share the ordeals they experienced and how they managed to overcome them. The fact that they show their vulnerability and strength at the same time is something that the public appreciates ”, commented Arrarás.

Arrarás left the Telemundo channel due to a series of personnel cuts promoted by NBCUniversal to contain the fall in income during the pandemic. “MC LIVE” is produced in association with Ora.TV, the production studio founded in 2012 by the late journalist Larry King and funded by America Movil, the largest telephone operator in Latin America.

He returned to Univision

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It was in April when María Celeste Arrarás returned to Univisión and appeared on the morning program Despierta América, although it should be noted that she did not receive the best of welcomes: “Pure journalistic arrogance,” users wrote to her.

Raúl González, one of the program’s hosts, was in charge of receiving María Celeste as follows: “Attention, family, he arrived, live, we welcome an award-winning journalism icon to the home of Despierta América presenter, activist, author, mother and a very dear friend to all of us ”.

She said very excited

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With a low-cut black dress that highlighted her figure at 60 years of age, the one born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico on September 27, confessed that she had not stepped on Univision for more than 20 years, and that since the building is new, she had than lean on a GPS

“With butterflies, euphoric, upset, thank God all those things, all good,” said María Celeste, who after leaving Telemundo has reinvented herself with different projects, one of them her talk show MC Live on her channel of YouTube (TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).