July 26, 2021

Microsoft decided to do away with Windows 10 and it even has a date for it

The Windows and Microsoft universe is undergoing a real revolution. The software giant has something completely new to present, without having said much about what it is preparing.

Rumors are piling up and there is already more information. Microsoft itself has now quietly stirred the waters by setting the date for the end of support for Windows 10. It’s 2025 and by then a lot has to come.


Microsoft declared the death of Windows 10

When it introduced Windows 10 in 2015, Microsoft defined that this would be the last version of this system to be released. The news would be constant, but this was definitive and everything would be based on what it can offer users.

The last Build was the moment when everything was changed, with Satya Nadella himself opening the game and talking about the change that will come soon. This focused on what this new platform and its app store can offer developers and everyone who uses it.

A date that will arrive in 2025

Little tips and little information have been appearing constantly, talking on the one hand in Windows 11 and on the other hand in Sun Valley, what this will be like. Now, and very discreetly and almost in secret, Microsoft ended up confirming everything.

On the Windows 10 support page, the end of support for this system now appears. It will take place on October 14, 2025 and will affect the Home and Pro versions. Until now, only the Windows 10 versions had a defined and established end of support date.

11 will be the new number where everything centers

This date marks a 10-year cycle, similar to what Microsoft has established for previous versions of Windows. Thus, this end of cycle is consistent with what the software giant has applied in the past.

With this information, it is almost certain that Windows 11 will exist and will appear soon. On June 24th at 11 am (16:00 in Lisbon), the big news will appear, already presented in an image in which 11 is present. Until then, you can watch the video presented by Microsoft, which lasts for… 11 minutes.