August 3, 2021

New advances in vaccination; Pfizer investigates Covid-19 cases

Non sunday, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa assured the Portuguese, and for the good of the economy, that the country would not go back on its lack of confidence. The head of state assured that despite the increase in the number of cases in recent weeks, the number of deaths had stabilized and the pressure on the NHS was reduced, so there would be no reason to take a step back.

António Costa, a little less confident, presented a different version of the facts this Monday, saying that no one can guarantee that he will not go back on his mistrust and stressing that the Government will adopt “at every moment the measures that are justified to the state of the pandemic”. His answer came on the day that the rate of transmission of the new coronavirus and the incidence rose again, and there were 625 more cases of the disease.

However, Marcelo reacted and recalled that the President of the Republic cannot be disallowed by the Prime Minister.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa’s confidence is also based on the advancement of the vaccination process, which today takes another step forward, with people aged 40 or over already being able to make their own appointments.

Consult the maps of the evolution of the new coronavirus pandemic in Portugal and in the world.

Follow the latest developments on Covid-19 here IN THE MINUTE:

09h44 – Cape Verde vaccinates residents of Sal and Boa Vista to resume tourism. Cape Verde kicked off this week with the mass vaccination of the population against covid-19 on Sal and Boa Vista, two islands in which the objective is to vaccinate all adults before August, to ensure tourist recovery.

09h38 – Africa recorded an additional 340 deaths associated with covid-19 in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic to 135,158, and 15,538 new infected, according to the most recent official data.

08h52 – The Spanish Ministry of Health is currently distributing 400,000 doses of the vaccine of AstraZeneca for their communities.

08h40 – Pfizer investigates vaccinated people who have contracted the disease. Pharmaceutical Pfizer will conduct a study of a group of people who after being vaccinated against covid-19 contracted the disease to determine if a booster dose is needed.

8:35 am – As of this Tuesday, the use of masks in public spaces is once again mandatory. The rule is in effect until mid-September, according to the law published this Monday in Diário da República.

The diploma enters into force 24 hours after this obligation ceased to exist, as the previous law determined this imposition until this Sunday, June 13th.

08h30 – Israel abolished the obligation to wear protective masks indoors, this Tuesday, The measure comes at a time when the number of new cases continues to decline, although the vaccination process has stagnated.

08h14 – Updated China data: China’s Guangdong province, which borders Macau and Hong Kong, has detected two local cases of Covid-19 in the past 24 hours, the China Health Commission announced today.

8:10 am – Ursula Von der Leyen announced, on Twitter, that they have already been administered over 300 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine let me.

“We’ve surpassed 300 million vaccinations in the EU,” wrote Von der Leyen on his Twitter social network account, adding: “every day, we get closer to our goal of having distributed enough doses to vaccinate 70% of adults next day month”.

08h05 – A supermarket cashier in Georgia, USA, was fatally shot following an argument with a customer over the mandatory use of the Covid-19 protective mask.

07h38 – People aged 40 and over who have not yet been vaccinated against Covid-19 can now schedule the inoculation, according to the Directorate-General for Health (DGS). To do so, simply access this site.

07h30 – “President is never disowned by the prime minister.” Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said on Monday in Hungary that “by definition, the President is never discredited by the prime minister”, after António Costa said that no one can guarantee that he will not back down in the process of deconfinement.

07h25 – European Union (EU) leaders meet today in Brussels with US President Joe Biden at the first summit since 2017, where Brussels and Washington will attempt compromises on anti-covid-19 vaccines, climate goals and trade.

07h24 – Investment in the National Health Service in 2020 allowed a return of 6.8 billion euros to the economy, taking into account the impact of healthcare on absenteeism and productivity, concludes a study released today.

07h22 – Germany registers, this Tuesday, 652 new cases of Covid-19 and 93 deaths from the disease. In accumulated terms, and according to updated data from the Robert Koch Institute, the country has registered, since the beginning of the pandemic, 3,716,170 infected and 89,937 fatal victims.

07h21 – Health professionals are the strongest point of the National Health Service and that deserves to be valued according to users, reveals a study released today, which points out access and waiting times as aspects to be improved.

07h20 – One in four Portuguese no longer use the National Health Service last year for fear of being infected with the new coronavirus and more than two-thirds believe that the NHS has responded well to the pandemic.

According to data from the Sustainable Health Index, 15.7% of users stopped going to an appointment with the family doctor at the health center, 7.5% did not go to specialist appointments in hospitals, 5.8% left exams diagnosis still to be done and 7.3% chose not to go to the emergency room.

07h18 – Covid-19 is making corruption worse in the EU. The Covid-19 pandemic is aggravating corruption in the European Union (EU), also increasing socioeconomic disparities and authoritarian regimes, with the 27 being affected by the phenomenon, reveals a report by Transparency International released today.

07h17 – EU health ministers will try to adopt a common position today regarding rules to strengthen the role of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in crisis preparedness and management of medicinal products and medical devices.

In what is the last meeting of health ministers under the Portuguese presidency, which Marta Temido will lead in Luxembourg, the 27 will also take stock of the progress made on proposals to revise the regulation that creates the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control and of serious cross-border health threats.

07h15 – The Japanese government announced today that it will donate one million doses of vaccine against Covid-19 to Vietnam in an effort to ensure equal access to immunization in the Asian region.

07h14 – While sleeping:

  • Updated US data: The United States has registered 193 deaths from Covid-19 and 10,799 cases in the last 24 hours
  • Updated data from Mexico: Mexico, the fourth country in the world with the most deaths from Covid-19, recorded 37 deaths and 1,175 infected with the new coronavirus in the last 24 hours

07h12 – Good Morning! We begin monitoring the Covid-19 situation. Recall past events here.

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