August 2, 2021

Nicolás Benedetti would stay in America and there would be a foreigner problem

America is in the search to strengthen its squad for the Apertura 2021 tournament and for this it has opted for incorporations such as those of Miguel Layún, Salvador Reyes and Fernando Madrigal; However, it is expected that some foreign incorporation chosen by Santiago Solari to round up their squad, although in that case, they would necessarily have to remove an element from the current squad that counts as “Not Trained in Mexico”.

For the following campaign, the regulations of the MX League It will only allow 10 foreigners on the campus and a maximum of eight on the field of play. Right now, after Sergio Diaz no longer follow with Millonets, on Coapa they are with the places of foreigners full, which would make impossible the arrival of a signing from outside.

For weeks the version that Nicolas Benedetti would leave the club because they have sought accommodation or use it as a bargaining chip. Despite this, sources close to the club told Monumental Eagles that the Poet enters into plans of the technical body of Solari, reason why it would remain in the institution, where it has a valid contract for a duration of two and a half more years.

In addition to this, the representative of the coffee grower, Daniel Azcarate, recently shared that the footballer will not return to Colombia and is well considered with the azulcremas.

“Nico wants to continue growing internationally and for now he is ruled out. He has two and a half more years of contract with the team. We have always been open to any sporting possibility that benefits Nicolás. Today the only information is that he must return to the institution to do the preseason as any player in the club. The coaching staff takes this into account and the club is very happy with him. Unfortunately he has had a series of injuries that have prevented him from continuing, but for the rest, we are 100% with the club and with the coaching staff ”, said the agent on Radio Cali.

That said, it seems difficult to find a foreign player with ample possibilities to leave the Nest.


The Argentine central defender has six more months of contract and although he could already negotiate with another club, Monumental Eagles He announced a few days ago that in America they have decided to have him for the Opening 2021, with which its exit is completely discarded.


The Paraguayan has a contract until 2023 and despite the fact that he did not have a tournament closing at a good level, in Coapa They have understood that it was not easy to resume his best version after recovering from the injury he suffered.

Valdez will fight for a starting spot this semester along with Emanuel Aguilera Y Sebastian Cáceres.

Bruno Valdez has been part of the campaign to present the new America jersey. (Photo: Instagram @bruno_valdez)


The Paraguayan defender was one of the most regular during the Guard1anes 2021. He was even the center-back with the most minutes with Santiago Solari, who is more than satisfied with it.

The charrúa has attracted attention in Europe, but it is almost a fact that in this summer market it will not come out.


The Peruvian midfielder finished his first tournament in America, where he quickly established himself as one of the pillars of the team.

Not having gone to America Cup, La Roca lost an important projection window in this market and its permanence in Coapa it is all a fact.


The Puppy yes it is at the moment in America Cup. The club has him well considered as well as the coaching staff; however, they have followed him from the old continent, so a proposal for his services cannot be ruled out.

This could be one of the alternatives for a reinforcement to arrive, although Richard Sanchez has been one of the best players in the Eagles the last year.


The Spanish won the trust of the Americanist leadership. Santiago Solari He already knew him, asked for it, got on loan and now they have definitively bought his letter, so it is impossible to even consider his departure at this time.


The closing of the tournament Leo Suarez it was to the liking of the coaching staff. What they are looking for from the Argentine is for him to be more constant in his actions so that he can have an important contribution to the squad.

For Suarez there is no interest from other teams, he has a current contract and will continue at least one more tournament.


As already mentioned, the Poet seems to be in the club’s plans, its representative confirmed that the coaching staff has it considered, so it will report in America.

Due to his history of injuries and that he has not been able to stand out in the Eagles, he was considered the main candidate to leave and free a foreign quota, but apparently he has possibilities of remaining in Coapa.


The thing with Roger Martinez It is more than clear: if it is not a Europe, do not think to leave America. Boca Juniors probed the Tank on more than one occasion, but economically the offer did not meet the expectations of the Eagles, in addition to the fact that the forward himself rejected the possibility of going to Argentina.

Desire to Roger is to go to Europe if an offer comes in that meets what is in the Nest seek and salary suits your claims.


Finally there is the case of Federico Viñas. The Uruguayan is not going to MLS and if it leaves America wants it to be only to Europe, to a League that can project his career.

Like other of his teammates, his contract is in force and the club is happy with him.

Thus, the dilemma in Coapa it is with that foreigner they will not count for then yes to go for a new element of other latitudes.