July 27, 2021

Possible Windows 11 Pro images are posted online

The possibility that Microsoft is preparing a new operating system is increasingly strong. What will probably be Windows 11 is beginning to take shape and become a more real hypothesis.

In this regard, the latest information indicates that images belonging to the Windows 11 Pro operating system have now been released.


The world is waiting for news from the next operating system from Microsoft. At this year's Build, CEO Satya Nadella indicated that the company is preparing big news for Windows that could be unveiled as early as June 24th.

Therefore, the rumors thicken that the surprises are related to the possible Windows 11. In addition, Microsoft has already blocked builds so that nothing would be revealed ahead of time. But it seems that there is something that may not have remained in the secret of the gods.

Revealed images of possible Windows 11 Pro

There is now one more factor supporting the theory that the Redmond company is preparing a new OS. Some screenshots of the possible Windows 11 Pro have now been revealed on the Chinese platform Baidu.

One of the points that you immediately notice a novelty is its design. And, as the screenshots suggest, the appearance of this supposed Windows 11 Pro is quite similar to Windows 10X, canceled by Microsoft.

Basically, it gives the idea that this format was designed mainly to work on mobile devices and not so much for PCs. This can be seen essentially by the arrangement and location of the tools on the bottom bar.

In the images you can also see the inscription of the name Windows 11 Pro. This detail suggests that the company will then keep the Home versions, mainly for home use, and Pro, designed for professional use.

The Verge website also revealed some images that it shared on the social network Twitter:

With more of these reinforcements, it really remains for us then to wait for official information from Microsoft. And, who knows, next week we'll get to know the successor to Windows 10.