July 31, 2021

TAP opens inquiry process, Government is “outraged”

A TAP opened an inquiry process and the Government was “outraged” following a video that is circulating on social networks and that involves two heads of the airline’s human resources area commenting on a recruitment process in Madrid. This, at a time when a collective dismissal process at TAP is on the table.

“Having become aware of a publication on social networks in which two company workers intervene, in a personal capacity, with responsibilities in the area of ​​human resources and given the moment that TAP is experiencing, in which all of us are asked to make sacrifices, the board of directors decided to immediately open an inquiry process followed by the disciplinary procedures applicable to this situation.“, said an official TAP source, in response to the questions posed by the Minute News.

At issue is a video published on the Facebook page of the human resources responsible for TAP’s Maintenance & Engineering, João Falcato, in which he is accompanied by the airline’s human resources director, Pedro Ramos, in which they claim to be recruiting people for the TAP Madrid, for the cargo area.

“At this delicate moment in the company’s life, the Board of Directors expresses its solidarity with all TAP workers and appeals to everyone’s common sense and modesty“, said the same source.

Ministry says it is “outraged” by the video

O Minute News he also questioned a source in charge of this alleged recruitment process, who replied that the “Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing is angry with the video which circulates with two TAP workers with high responsibilities in the company, one of them being the Human Resources director, and awaits the results of the inquiry process initiated by TAP”.

“We are in Madrid with my colleague and friend, João Falcato. We’ve already selected people this afternoon.“, begins by saying the director of human resources at TAP, Pedro Ramos.

Nearly 50 TAP cabin crew are going to be the target of a collective dismissal process, after having been placed on a lay-off regime, warned the National Civil Aviation Flight Personnel Union (SNPVAC) at the beginning of the month.

TAP is undergoing a restructuring process, due to the difficult financial situation caused by the pandemic, which implied a reduction in the number of workers.

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