July 27, 2021

There’s another big manufacturer leaving Windows 7 and Windows 8

It was about a year and a half ago that Microsoft decreed the end of Windows 7. This version is no longer supported by the software giant, leaving users with the urgent task of migrating to a newer version and with all security standards necessary.

This decision led to many manufacturers and software developers abandoning Windows 7, in a normal and expected move. Now, after all this time, there is one more manufacturer that abandons the Microsoft system. We are talking about NVIDIA, which will soon stop supporting drivers on this system.


Without support and without having Microsoft actively develop Windows 7, the system is disappearing. Its end was dictated by the software giant, which, with the most recent proposals, ended up having to abandon it permanently.

Of course this is not an immediate process and users have slowly migrated. The choice is obvious and Windows 10 has received these new users, who thus find an updated system with periodic fixes.

This has led to the abandonment of the system by other partners, who focus on what is most modern. Now, and unexpectedly, there is one more to abandon Windows 7. We are talking about NVIDIA, which announced that from October it will abandon this system.

The graphics card maker goes further and on that date will also abandon Windows 8 and 8.1. From that point on, you will no longer create updates for your drivers and applications on these systems.

Windows 7 NVIDIA Microsoft Drivers Support

The scenario will, however, have some important exceptions. These updates will be kept for security issues and issues that arise. As far as is known, this decision will not have any impact on current cards, which will maintain support for games where they are still used.

Naturally, all the new graphics cards that are created will not have support for Windows 7 and the remaining versions that come to an end. In fact, many of the recent releases can no longer be used on these older systems.