August 2, 2021

United States: CNN Reporter Christiane Amampour Announces She Has Cancer | International

The journalist Christiane Amanpour during a session in New York.Ida Mae Astute / Getty Images

The famous journalist Christiane Amampour has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, according to what she herself told this Monday as soon as the segment of her program began on CNN, which is broadcast from London, where the international head of the 24-hour news network resides. . Born in London (England) and raised in Tehran (Iran), due to her Persian family, the naturalized American journalist reported that she was receiving chemotherapy sessions. “The last few weeks have been a real roller coaster,” shared the woman who covered the 1991 Gulf War live for CNN.

At the age of 63, Amampour has reported that he is very confident in the diagnosis he has been given and in the treatment started. “I want to first of all thank Bianna Golodryga and her entire team, who have defended the fort for the past four weeks,” said the expert on international politics. The reporter has shown her solidarity with the “millions of women in the world” who, like her, have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

With the poise that characterizes her, Amampour has exposed on the air how she has already undergone the operating room and that she has “a few months of chemotherapy” ahead of her. In line with her empathy for women who suffer from the same disease as her, the daughter of an Iranian father and a British mother has not wanted to let go of how privileged she feels to have access to good health services and “have the support of the magnificent NHS [la sanidad pública del Reino Unido]”.

The reason why the communicator has decided to tell the public about her health, according to her, is “help others”. “I am telling you this in the interest of transparency but, in reality, fundamentally, it is a call for early diagnoses,” Amampour said about a cancer considered silent and that, in general, the average survival at five years is 45%.

“I urge women to inform themselves about this disease, to take all necessary tests without fail, to listen to their bodies, and of course, to make sure that their medical doubts are legitimate and should not be dismissed. or not taken into account ”.

Amampour married James Rubin in 1998 – a member of the Bill Clinton Administration between 1997 and 2000 – and divorced in 2018. The couple have a son. Professional as always, Amampour wanted to end with a wink to the viewer. “That is my news,” he concluded. “Now, let’s go with the news.”

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