August 6, 2021

Woke * madness: How activists determine what else we can say – politics

Does Germany really need to be “awake”?

In schools, universities, radio and TV stations, social media, authorities, etc., a struggle to be “woke” (spoken: wouk, German: “awake”) has broken out. Even the Federal Foreign Office asks its employees to “woke”. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (54, SPD): His ministry should be “at the forefront of the movement”.

The controversial movement claims to know all the grievances in the world and to have the right solutions against racism and discrimination. The activists want to enforce their goals with partly absurd demands and formulations:

► Gender researcher Lann Hornscheidt (56, formerly HU Berlin) calls for protection against discrimination instead of “the” or “one” to say “ens” – that is, “ens man and ens woman go to ens house” (” Ens “is the middle of the word” Mensch “).

The place “Negernbötel” near Segeberg is to be renamed “Näherbötel” after almost 600 years. At least if the Green Youth have their way.

Reason: suspicion of racism. The name is Low German (for “closer”).

► “Gypsy sauce” has been removed from the refrigerated shelves in many places and has been replaced by “Hungarian-style sauce”.

► Even American apple pie is racist and has “bloody roots” as a food of the colonial rulers, it was said this week from the corner of the Woke movement.

► No joke: chess is considered problematic – because the white pieces are allowed to make the first move.

► Even the harmless question “Where are you from?” Is interpreted by the “woken” as an assault.

► There was severe criticism when a white woman was asked to translate the text of a black woman. The activists claimed it was “hurtful”.

Children can hardly be seen as “Indians” or “Sheikhs” at Carnival – that would serve “painful stereotypes”, according to concerned “education experts”.

► Even dreadlocks among whites are considered damnable “cultural appropriation” because they would imitate the hair of blacks.

Cities like Stuttgart and Cologne are only creating road crossings for “pedestrians” in order to avoid the male “pedestrian”.

The Internet browser “Firefox” even changed its “master password” to “main password”. Reason according to the group: the word “master” reminds of slavery (“master / slave”), contributes to “keeping racism alive”.

Since yesterday, Hamburg has allowed “gender-neutral language in the authorities, eg“ employees ”instead of employees.

Another success of the controversial “Woke” movement.

US student attacked for Jane Austen books

Yeonmie Park (27, photo) fled North Korea as a teenager in order to be able to live in freedom in the USA! When she began studying at Columbia University, however, she was reminded of the totalitarian regime in her home country, she told the US broadcaster Fox-News.

Because: Park was hostile to her fellow students for reading books by Jane Austen († 1817). Accusation: Austen’s family was involved in the slave trade at the time, so reading the books was racist.

Park indignant: “Even North Korea is not that stupid!”

Student Yeonmi ParkFoto: Getty Images