July 28, 2021

Activist loses parachute control and falls into the Allianz Arena

An activist tried to launch a large yellow ball over the Allianz Arena in Munich from a parachute, but lost control and fell on the field of play

MUNICH – A Greenpeace activist tried to throw a big yellow ball over the stadium Allianz Arena Munich from a parachute, but lost control and fell on the field of play shortly before the start of the game France-Germany of the Eurocup.

In the fall, according to German television, he slightly injured a person responsible for lighting, who had to be treated by medical personnel.

The man was detained by the police.

Greenpeace wanted to protest with this action against the VW automobile consortium, one of the sponsors of the Eurocup.

In Twitter messages, Greenpeace urged VW to stop selling cars with combustion engines that harm the climate and the environment.

After the game, the UEFA issued a statement stating that it was an “inconsiderate act that could have had very serious consequences for a large number of attendees, and that it caused injuries to several match-goers who are now in hospital and the judicial authorities will take the necessary measures “.

“UEFA and its partners are fully committed to a sustainable tournament of the EURO 2020 and numerous initiatives have been launched to offset carbon emissions, “he adds.

“Fortunately, the course of the match was not affected by such reckless and dangerous action, but several people were nevertheless injured,” UEFA emphasizes.