July 31, 2021

controversy of the knee to the ground, drama of the ULM, Eriksen … The strong words of Deschamps!

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After the victory and the sporting satisfaction of having achieved a good performance against Germany (1-0), Didier Deschamps took advantage of the post-match to deflate some controversies. It must be said that some journalists were surprised not to see the players of the France team get down on their knees, in support of the victims of racist violence and aggression, before the kick-off of the match. Hugo Lloris had explained in the preamble the position of the locker room. “We start from the principle that if we have to do it, all the nations must do it with the support of UEFA,” said the captain of the Blues.

Didier Deschamps, for his part, acknowledged in comments relayed by RMC the concern to avoid any type of controversy. “Any little thing, whatever you do with me or the players, whatever you say, it brings interpretation. There is always recovery, one way or the other. Obviously, this is not something good. There is such a climate where it goes all over the place. “


Deschamps regrets aggression and hatred

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A drama avoided by nothingCredit Photo – Icon Sport

Before using stronger words by evoking in particular the incident of ULM (for which Greenpeace has apologized) which could have turned into a tragedy, or the case of Christian Eriksen. “Tonight, we came close to a tragedy. It could have been catastrophic. A person could have died there. There was what Eriksen had too. Ok, there is passion. And passion goes against reason. But at one point, we must not exaggerate, ”continued Deschamps.

And the coach of the Blues to conclude with strong words in the face of aggressiveness and hatred that he considers to be on the rise in parallel with the sporting dimension. “I’ve been telling you for a while: I find that there is a rise in aggression, in hatred, whether verbal or physical, which is very dangerous. Think about protecting ourselves. And when I say we, it’s everyone. When we give the floor to certain people who are necessarily in excess… It is above all these people that we hear. You still have to appreciate what you have. “

The strong exit of Deschamps after France – Germany

The coach of the Blues did not remember his words about the various controversies of the moment.

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