August 3, 2021

CR7 throws away Coca-Cola bottles and company loses more than 3 billion

O Cristiano Ronaldo’s gesture at the press conference to preview the debut of the national team at Euro 2020 is causing a stir. The Portuguese international removed two bottles of Coca-Cola from the table and recommended drinking water, an attitude that coincided with the four billion dollar drop (about 3.3 billion euros) in the market capitalization of the beverage company.

According to the Guardian, the quoted dropped from 56.10 dollars to 55.22 dollars right after Cristiano Ronaldo’s gesture, a drop of 1.6%.

Coca-Cola’s market value decreased from 252 billion dollars to 238 billion dollars. In practice, it’s a four billion dollar loss (about 3.3 billion euros), according to the same newspaper.

Ronaldo not only removed the bottles from the table, he said “water”, suggesting that this should be the choice between the two drinks.

However, the beverage giant has already reacted and said that “everyone is entitled to their own beverage preferences”. “Water is offered to players, as well as Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, upon arrival at press conferences”, also indicated a spokesman for the American company.

The Portuguese athlete has shown to be adept of a healthy lifestyle, having already admitted that he did not like his son to drink soft drinks, preferring a healthy and regulated diet.

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