July 31, 2021

“GNR has a unique ability to adapt and reinvent”

O This Tuesday, the prime minister highlighted the GNR’s capacity to adapt, as part of the award ceremony and the delivery of the general officer’s sword to the first brigadier general António Bogas.

“GNR has a unique ability to adapt, reinvent and respond always ‘present’ to the successive challenges that are posed by political power”, praised António Costa, during his speech, recalling the many missions that the Guard has already performed.

In his brief speech, the executive leader stressed above all “the closeness of the Guard in the connection between the State and communities and for the humanization of the GNR itself”, giving as an example, afterwards, the fact that many international missions, from the United Nations or of the European Union, request the presence of security forces of the nature of the GNR.

Regarding the future, the head of Government also said he was certain that “the GNR will carry out new missions with the pride that is characteristic of it”, referring to the new responsibility of the military force in protecting the borders following the extinction of the Foreign Service and Borders (SEF).

Now, once again, new missions are being asked of it in the context of surveillance and protection of our European Union’s external borders as a result of the extinction of the SEF. It is not an unknown mission for the guard, but it is perhaps an already forgotten mission. Therefore, it is necessary to reinvent and rebuild it – and we are certain that GNR will do it with the pride that is characteristic of it.“, stressed the prime minister.

António Costa underlined that “it is therefore essential for the country to have a robust GNR, which serves as an interface between the mission of the armed forces and the function of the internal security system”.

However, he pointed out, “this boundary is not always easy, clear and linear to draw”. “Sometimes there are overlaps. But what is absolutely essential is that we know that there is never a gap and that any circumstance or mission is assured,” he added.

“On this historic day, I look to the future of the Guard with great enthusiasm”, concluded the Prime Minister, stressing that it is always necessary “an effort of all” so that the articulation is “as harmonious as possible”.

This Tuesday, António Costa presided over the award of the general officer’s sword to the first brigadier general of the GNR, accompanied by the minister of Internal Affairs, Eduardo Cabrita.

This ceremony is another historic step in the 110 years of the GNR’s life, in which the top positions have been occupied exclusively by general officers of the Army.

The GNR’s own cadre of general officers was created in 2020 by the Minister of Internal Administration, Eduardo Cabrita, and approved by the Council of Ministers in December of that year. Brigadier General António Bogas, from the Military Administration, is thus the first officer from the ranks of the GNR.

António Bogas’s promotion order was published on June 11, as well as those relating to the graduation of two trained infantry colonels, Rui Veloso and Paulo Silvério, in the rank of brigadier general.

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