August 3, 2021

Google has prepared a lot of news on Android for next summer

Google is constantly improving Android, not just focusing on new versions. It is constantly creating new features, which puts this system on an even higher level and more adjusted to users.

These arrive indirectly and in apps that are present on all smartphones. So everything is accessible quickly. Continuing this movement, now appear the news that Google has prepared on Android for next summer.


In the smartphone universe, Android is present in the majority. It is the most used system and that makes it a unique and very interesting tool, which is why it is exploited by Google to bring news to users. The next ones have now been announced.

Earthquake detection is now for everyone on Android

Google had already shown this novelty for some time, albeit in a limited way. Smartphones, with all their sensors, are the essential tools to detect changes in the environment. Thus, they become useful for detecting earthquakes.

Google Android will see new features

Now, and after localized testing, this detection will be extended to the entire planet. It starts now being available in more countries, always associated with the level of earthquakes. Over time, Google wants to extend to all places.

Mark the most important messages

Messages are increasingly present in our daily lives. They are a way of communicating more and more used and that means that we are receiving more and more users.

To help organize and save your most important messages, Google brings a new feature to Android and the Messaging app. Soon we will be able to mark the most important and favorite messages. Thus, it will be simpler to access what matters.

Choose the perfect Emoji at the right time

With the growth of messages and this form of communication, there was a need to summarize an idea or a phrase in an image. This is where emojis have gained their space and are increasingly used in conversation.

Google Android will see new features

To help these conversations, Google decided to improve and help users choose the right emoji at the right time. When writing, proposals will come up, depending on what is written or the emojis that are received.

Controlling your apps with your voice will be simpler

Google Assistant is already a firm presence on Android, to be used constantly. This virtual assistant is integrated and controls the entire system transversally, with just the user's voice.

Now Google wants to go further and give that same control to apps present on Android. This novelty will arrive in the summer and will be open to everyone, it will allow all the information present to be consulted with the voice.

More customization and new experiences on Android Auto

Another area that will have interesting news is Android Auto. This system used to link the smartphone and the car, it will soon be possible to directly customize and activate the dark mode manually.

Google Android will see new features

Besides, it will be easier to access the apps, with an AZ list and it will be faster to use the first time. There are even more apps with even more options and functions that will be available anytime.

These are Google's big news for Android for the summer of this year. They will arrive very soon and provide even more features and more options to use the smartphone with new contexts and new opportunities.