August 2, 2021

“São José Lapa made a personal and bitter attack”

A The controversial exchange of barbs between actress São José Lapa and Bruno Nogueira continues to be talked about. Recently, journalist Luís Osório made a publication on his Facebook account where he expresses his opinion on the subject.

The journalist begins by referring to the program ‘Principio Meio e Fim’ as a format that “did not go well”.

“The audiences were not as expected and SIC let the program die without first condemning it to a painful schedule well beyond midnight”, he says.

As for São José Lapa’s comment on the program, Luís Osório condemns the actress’ words.

The actress São José Lapa was harsh in criticism, in my opinion unfair in the simplistic way she did it“, points out, starting to quote the words used by the same: “Eschatology, sex, is not a humor program. It’s wanting to please a tiny slice of spectators with a mounted lobby, a well-worn post-modern joke, old and dull.”

However, the journalist and writer’s harshest criticisms go to Bruno Nogueira’s response to São José Lapa.

Bruno Nogueira’s response to São José Lapa is not admissible.
It is not acceptable that he responded in a way that is low, humiliating, and even a little perverse”, he emphasizes, quoting this time the words of the comedian: “It must be very complicated to get old in this profession”.

Nuno Markl was one of the personalities who was not indifferent to Luís Osório’s critical text and reacted through a comment.

“Hello Luís – just to correct one detail: on this side, no one is sad with the result of the ‘Mean and End Principle’. I’ll even tell you that we rarely feel the happiness and freedom that this program has given us. We knew what we were doing. to do when we did. We may not have reached millions of people, but we did reach enough people who fell in love with this project of ours. For me, it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever participated in – it was won just by being us. given the opportunity to do it”, begins by writing, referring in a first to the fact that the format of which he was also part did not lead the audiences.

With regard to the exchange of barbs between São José Lapa and Bruno Nogueira, Markl defends his colleague and condemns the actress’ attitude.

São José Lapa made a personal and bitter attack, based on the idea – fortunately not shared by many others of her generation – that age allows everything: even confuse directness with bad creation. And that’s a let down. But, as you can see from her response to your post and the history of the use of photography, São José Lapa is currently shooting in all directions, which, in fact, validates what Bruno said about her”, he ends, referring to the fact that the actress has condemned the journalist for having used, without authorization, a photograph of her to illustrate her text.

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