July 29, 2021

Seg Social sends 788,000 by mistake; bullying leads

EOn Monday, June 14, telecommuting is no longer mandatory – it is now recommended – except in the four municipalities that have Covid-19 incidence rates above the limits defined by the Government (Lisbon, Braga Odemira and Vale de Cambra). In the national press, the highlights are scattered.

O Morning mail reports that the Social Security transferred 788 thousand euros by mistake, an amount that went to the beneficiary’s account receiving unemployment benefit.

O Public highlights that the sea program has only executed a quarter of the budget in five years. O Newspaper, in turn, reports that moral harassment leads to complaints in the Civil Service.

“Superpolice’: Helena Fazenda leaves internal security” is the highlight of the News Diary. O Inevitable chooses to make headlines with the controversy surrounding the liberal camp, which took place in Lisbon over the weekend. “IL politics and sardines under fire,” headlines the paper.

O Business, in turn, writes: “Companies with no escape from taxation on vehicles”.

Check out the main titles of the national press (including the sports press) below and the respective covers in the gallery above.

Morning mail:

– “Social Security transfers 788 thousand euros by mistake: It went to a beneficiary’s account receiving unemployment”

– “John Cancel out of combat: Selection bubble failure: Risk of outbreak increases”

– “Pandemia: Doctors ask for priority vaccination for pregnant women”

– “Twenty cents in half a year: Gasoline and diesel prices skyrocket”

– “Contracting weight: Benfica guarantees midfielder Nzonzi”

– “Lion beats eagle and is futsal champion”

– “Learn how to travel with animals”

– “Rui Nereu: Unblemished Player of Domestic Violence”

– “Television: SIC’s farmers cost 5,000 Euro each”

– “Aggressor is 21 years old: Young man threatens to kill girlfriend and baby daughter”

– “Abuse of trust: Start judgment of the ‘owner of it all'”

– “Brazilian terror: Head of Rio’s biggest militia shot down”


– “Sea program only executed a quarter of the budget in five years”

– “Israel: ‘Government of change’ approved, but Netanyahu says ‘see you soon'”

– “Parliament: PSD wants to tighten rules on politicians’ statements”

– “Accommodation: Escape from the English does not lower prices in the Algarve”

– “Technology: How to use the ‘blockchain’ to fight slavery”

– “Heritage: Santiago Macias wants a pantheon more open to the Portuguese”

– “Euro 2021: The logistical puzzle for fans to attend matches”

– “Futsal: Sporting champion in a perfect season where he won everything”


– “Moral harassment leads to complaints in the Civil Service”

– “More than 62,000 students are starting today to take diagnostic tests”

– “A new card against poverty”

– “Euro 2020: Cancel positive head to covid and Dalot interrupts holidays to join the team”

– “Cycling: Maurício Moreira wins first International Douro Grand Prix”

– “Tourism: Google maps the Ways of Santiago”

– “Gondomar: Councilor used car for personal business”

– “Israel: Radical Right Leader Succeeds Netanyahu”

– “Culture: Art market starts to recover”


– “‘Superpolice’: Helena Fazenda leaves homeland security”

– “Portugal closes agreement in the EU to lift five million children out of poverty”

– “Pedro Costa Pereira, Portuguese ambassador to NATO: ‘What we would like was that Russia could no longer be a threat'”

– “Israel: New coalition approved. By one vote, Netanyahu leaves”

– “Lisboa Naval Association: A club that does not give up on taking Lisboners to the river”

– “Presidential candidate and former prime minister José Maria Neves: ‘Diaspora has contributed to Cape Verde not only with financial remittances, but with ideas”

– “Euro 2020: ‘This team from Hungary plays a lot on the opponent’s error'”


– “IL Politics and Sardines Under Fire”

– “Data from protesters denounced by the CML: ‘Too serious to go unpunished’ [Vital Moreira]”

– “Interview with Rita Matias, national leader of Chega, who answers everything, namely the accusation of plagiarism: ‘There are people who have lost their jobs because they are in Chega'”

– “Paulo Sousa: ‘I would like to have a Portugal-Poland in the European final'”

– “‘With me there won’t be’ going back in the distrust, guarantees Marcelo”

– “Holidays: is it worth taking out credit? Beware of extra costs”

– “Lisbon: Penha de França with Citizen Space and SNS24 counter”


– “Companies with no escape from taxation on vehicles”

– “Managers to manage return to offices with prudence”

– “Maria do Céu Antunes: Talking about containers ‘gives the wrong idea about excellent conditions’ in agriculture”

– “Financing: ECB warns of impact of higher interest rates on credit”

– “The ´bê-á-bá ‘for the purchase of recovered products”

– “Fed to assess monetary policy with inflation in 2008 highs”

– “Exports: Innovation is already being felt in the natural stone industry”

The ball:

– “Futsal: Benfica-Sporting (2-6): Imperial”

– “Benfica: Pressure to postpone AG until after the bond loan led to the departure of Rui Pereira”

– “Sporting: Four-year contract waiting for Pedro Porro”

– “FC Porto: Rúben Semedo is preferred to reinforce center of defense”

– “Thousands cried in farewell to Neno”

– “Team: Covid-19 takes João Cancelo from the European Championship, called Dalot”

– “Eriksen is fine and even ‘played’ with his colleagues”

– “Automobile: Félix da Costa wins in Portimão”


– “Pipa on the list: Business Esgaio is at an impasse and Sporting is already looking at another target”

– “Futsal. Benfica-Sporting (2-6): Champions in perfect season”

– “Covid Cancel plot, called Dalot”

– “Benfica: Jesus asks Gil Dias”

– “FC Porto: Attacking the market starts with the defense”

– “Thousands united in the farewell to Neno”

The game:

– “‘I dream of playing in the Champions League final four’, Magnus Andersson takes stock of a 100% victorious year and points FC Porto’s handball to the top”

– “Futsal: Champions in Light”

– “Selection: Covid-19 rejects Cancelo”

– “Cycling: Maurício Moreira crowned in Lamego”

– “FC Porto: Corona scares”

– “Sporting: Priority to the left”

– “Benfica: ‘Jesus could have taken more from Pedrinho’, André Jardine, Brazil’s Olympic coach, says the player ‘suffered’ in Luz”

– “V. Guimarães: Thousands in the farewell to Neno”

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