July 25, 2021

Summer is here: Temperatures rise to 37 degrees | NDR.de

Status: 16.06.2021 12:49 p.m.

Northern Germany is hit by the first heat wave of the year. Tomorrow, according to meteorologists, the high summer temperatures will be “in full force”.

“There will only be a few spots where 30 degrees are not reached,” said Jens Hoffmann from the German Weather Service (DWD) on Wednesday. On Thursday the temperatures are expected to rise to 33 degrees in Heide, 35 degrees in Rostock, 36 degrees in Hamburg and up to 37 degrees in Lingen. In southern Lower Saxony, weather experts are already expecting up to 31 degrees. Towards the weekend it should be more humid, so the risk of thunderstorms increases.

It stays cozy at night: Tropical nights in cities

Meanwhile, in the heat-storing cities, tropical nights could deprive people of a good night’s sleep. They were not excluded in the course of the week, as the DWD spokesman said. Meteorologists use this to describe nights when temperatures do not drop below 20 degrees. According to meteorologist Hoffmann, however, such temperatures in mid-June are not unusual. “We’ve had that every now and then over the past few years.”


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Drink plenty of water – but not too cold

Emergency doctors recommend drinking a glass of water every hour throughout the day, even if you are not thirsty. “Do not drink too much at once, because you can only absorb 500 to 800 milliliters of liquid per hour and use it sensibly,” says a message from the Asklepios clinics in Hamburg. The experts advise against cold drinks and alcohol.

Animals need shade and water

The Ministry of Agriculture in Lower Saxony, meanwhile, appeals to animal owners to provide shade, cooling and sufficient water. In livestock husbandry, poultry in particular react sensitively to high outside temperatures – especially when there is high humidity. Pets such as dogs, guinea pigs and birds should also be protected from the blazing sun and always have enough fluids.

Weather increases the risk of forest fires

Given the current weather, the risk of forest fires is also increasing in the north. The Lower Saxony State Forests warn that the very low humidity and the light wind would severely dry out the brushwood and topsoil lying on the forest floor. The Forest fire risk levels of the DWD would be raised to danger level 4 in the next few days. In the central and eastern Lüneburg Heath with its extensive, sparse pine forests, even the highest danger level 5 is expected. The state forests therefore appeal to forest visitors: There is currently a general ban on smoking in the forest, and no open fire may be made in the forest or in dangerous proximity. Cars should also not be parked over dry vegetation and only parked in such a way that the escape routes remain clear.

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