July 31, 2021

This scene causes a stir after the bankruptcy of France

On the field, the 74th minute substitute Leroy Sané had his most noticeable scene with a free kick set too high just before the end.

But even the Bayern winger could not avert the 0-1 defeat in the first European Championship group game against France. (The game for reading in the ticker)

“We know how good he is and how good he can do us. He knows it too. Sometimes it’s not that easy to get into a game like this and make the difference,” said Ilkay Gündogan at the press conference after the Lot.

Sané loses the starting eleven against Havertz

The hoped-for liberation blow for Sané, who had drawn the short straw in the starting eleven duel with Kai Havertz, did not materialize. The frustration among the DFB stars was correspondingly deep after the false start. (The voices for the game)

While own-goal scorer Mats Hummels and some team-mates received encouraging applause from the 14,500 spectators in the Munich arena after the final whistle during a lap of honor, Sané also crept across the lawn with his head hanging, temporarily resting his hands on his knees. (The SPORT1-Single review)

Still, a few minutes later he found his smile again.

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Sané seeks conversation with viewers

When he left the field, he stepped over the advertising board and apparently said hello to some acquaintances. The TV cameras captured how Sané was initially talking with his hand over his mouth and smiling as well.

Leroy Sané found his smile again after the opening failure © Screenshot ZDF

This reaction pissed off some fans. On Twitter, users criticized Sané’s laughter. “Great attitude” was about to be read in a comment. Another said: “Sané […] jokes with friends in the stands and laughs instead of being annoyed about the defeat. “

Pogba poses for selfies with fans

The scene is a bit tricky for another reason, after all, the DFB stars are in a kind of bubble due to the strict hygiene concept due to the corona pandemic. The camp in Herzogenaurach is isolated, and contact with outsiders and fans is actually not possible. After all, Sané’s interlocutor was wearing mouth and nose protection.

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France’s Paul Pogba also caused a stir after the final whistle in this context when he posed for selfies with French fans.

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