August 6, 2021

Want to install and test Windows 11? See how to do it simply!

Expected for the next June 24, Windows 11 promises a complete renewal of Microsoft’s system. This one will arrive with a dedicated event, with all the evidence pointing to what everyone already seems to know.

Of course, as has happened in recent years, before the time is right, the first images and the first unofficial versions appear. This time it was no different and the first versions are already circulating on the Internet. So, and for testing, see how you can install Windows 11.


Despite all Microsoft's measures, Windows 11 made it to the Internet. This is still an unofficial version, but it already shows this operating system in all its splendor and with everything it will bring again.

This version changes the look of Microsoft's system a lot, placing the Start Menu in the center of the screen and reminding Windows 10X, which was never released. As it is accessible, you can download this version and install it, preferably in a virtual machine.

Download Windows 11 ISO

The first step is even the most obvious. We are talking about downloading the Windows 11 ISO, which you can find on the Internet in various places. In our case, we found this version on this link, having then downloaded the 4.4 GB. Alternatively, you can also find Windows 11.

Use Hyper-V for the virtual machine

The next step is to call the virtualization app and start the installation process. Let's use the native Windows tool, Hyper-V. Create a new machine, indicating as the installation source the ISO that you downloaded in the step before.

They must indicate that it is a version of Windows, so that the system adapts the virtual machine so that everything is adapted and prepared to be able to install Windows 11.

Install Windows 11

The entire Windows 11 installation process is identical to all previous versions of Windows. They start by choosing the language, then moving on to the version of Windows 11 they want to install. There are several versions present that you can take advantage of.

An important piece of information has to do with the Windows 11 key to be used. There is no need to use a valid key for now, you can choose to install the system without an associated key. There are no limitations, but Windows may soon cease to function fully.

They can also decide whether or not they want to associate a Microsoft account, it is not complicated to create and use a local account. Note that if you choose this last solution, there will be some limitations in Windows 11.

And then comes Windows 11 in its splendor

At the end, they then have access to Windows 11 and all its news. The presence of the Start Menu in the center of the taskbar immediately stands out. In addition, there is a general graphic change that immediately stands out.

Another renewed element is the file explorer. This is close to what is already visible in some versions of Windows 10 and that we are used to using.

Now that Windows 11 is available, it's time to explore and get to know it. Pplware will in the next few days explore this system and show everything that Microsoft has created for this system, which is now renewed.

Heads up

This will be an “unofficial” ISO which may not be stable. Thus, Pplware stays away from any problems that might happen when using these versions of Microsoft's system

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