July 24, 2021

After Greenpeace crash landing at the EM game: Here the chaos pilot, who was looking for the global public, limps home – News Inland

Pforzheim / Munich – A neat residential area in Pforzheim (Baden-Württemberg) with lush single-family houses and villas. According to BILD information, this is where the chaos pilot Kai S. (38) lives, who disrupted the opening with a life-threatening action for Greenpeace before the start of the European Championship game Germany against France and thus caused a worldwide sensation. He crashed onto the lawn of the Munich stadium just above the heads of the spectators, injuring two spectators.

No solar system can be seen on the roof of the house. In the driveway there is an off-road vehicle with a Rosenheim license plate. The garden looks overgrown.

He was looking for the global public: Chaos pilot Kai S. flew into the Munich stadium with a Greenpeace paraglider on Tuesday, minutes before the European Championship game kicked off. Two spectators were injured.Photo: ULMER

A neighbor: “As you can see, the family lives very close to nature. Mr S. has a wife and two children. I didn’t know that he was committed to an environmental organization. “

At 1:24 p.m., an older VW Polo with a Rosenheim license plate drives up to the house and parks on the street. The driver opens the door and sticks a leg out of the car, which he apparently has an injury to. He closes a splint that he wears on his leg.

It is the chaos pilot Kai S. from the European Championship game on Tuesday.

▶ ︎ The day before, the doctor endangered human life with his breakneck action and wanted to protest against the Volkswagen Group with her. Now he is getting out of a model from Wolfsburg himself. Apparently no contradiction for the environmental activist.

When the BILD reporter speaks to him, Kai S. evades and does not want to apologize to the injured. The man who works as a surgeon in Rosenheim is also silent about how the action should actually have gone and how severe his own injuries are.

He then hobbles to the house entrance.

According to BILD information, Kai S. twisted his right foot during the crash landing, a doctor had examined it yesterday evening and attested an incipient swelling.

As early as 2012, the crash pilot appears to have illegally flown over a nuclear power plant in France during a Greenpeace campaign. At that time he was already a doctor, stood because of the action 2013 before a French court for “voluntary overflight by the pilot of an aircraft from a restricted area”. An offense that at the time was imprisonment of up to a year and a fine of up to 45,000 euros.

March 2021: One of the three paragliding activists on the ECB canopy

March 2021: One of the three paragliding activists on the ECB canopyFoto: AFP via Getty Images

In March of this year he was involved in a protest in Frankfurt am Main. The 38-year-old and two other activists flew to the new ECB in the Ostend district with paragliders. Two people landed safely on a 15 to 20 meter high roof of the ECB building, unfurling a twelve meter long banner with the inscription: “Stop funding Climate Killers”. Meanwhile, the third activist showed a flying banner.