July 31, 2021

At 85, Alain Delon has found love with Hiromi

He has recovered. Victim of a stroke in June 2019, Alain Delon is much better today. The legendary French actor is also preparing his comeback on the front of the media scene. Before the broadcast ofAlain Delon facing the world, a tête-à-tête filmed with journalist Cyril Viguier broadcast from July 1 on TV5 Monde, Le Guépard Paris Match in a long interview.

He notably mentioned his new companion, who was by his side after his stroke. The actor with the eventful love life had so far remained very discreet about his sentimental life. “My Japanese companion Hiromi, was very present by my side throughout my convalescence”, loose Alain Delon who does not say more about the identity of the one who helped him through a very difficult period for him. “I felt bad and I took an ambulance to the hospital. I didn’t know why I was there, or what exactly I had. (…) I knew afterwards that I had done a stroke “, he remembers.

I had five wives, they all died. It’s only me who stays, it hurts me– Alain Delon

Alain Delon also spoke of the women in his life, who have now disappeared. “I had five wives, they are all dead. It’s only me left, it pains me. And I’m not done at all”, he explains with emotion, referring in particular to Mireille Darc, Nathalie Delon, or Romy Schneider. Three women he thinks of “All the time. I know they’re waiting for me. We’ll meet up there.”

The actor who now lives in seclusion, far from the hubbub of society, also spoke of loneliness, another companion in his life. “Most of the world, as you say, is dead. I am alone. But that is not important. What is important is that surrounded by the world, I have been alone all my life.” Before tempering. “It is very hard, but at times it is appreciable too. The only thing that is not my loneliness is my children. But I see them little.”

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