August 4, 2021

Christian Cueva and Cristian Benavente: The triumph of ampay over discipline? | Peruvian team | NCZD | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

Christian Cueva has been key in the Peruvian team that he directs Ricardo Gareca, it’s true. Since 2015, he prevailed over favoritism that drove Cristian Benavente. As it is Gianluca Lapadula In these times, the tiny steering wheel has had maximum peaks of prominence and acceptance within the fans for its good performances in the bicolor. Without him, the team’s game is recent. With him, he plays better despite the fact that outside the courts there is noise due to his private life.

Christian Cueva is fundamental on the board of Ricardo Gareca, who has not been able to find a replacement in accordance with the expected performance. The closest thing, for years, was Cristian Benavente, the midfielder who appeared in the minors of Real Madrid and who very quickly won the affection of all for his dedication, his discipline and his professional profile on and off the fields. However, he never came to offer Gareca what he was looking for: the mischievous game of breaking in attack. It was never because he never could.

The few times Benavente had to play it was not a hitch. That position was reserved for Christian Cueva, who won the pulse since that call for the Copa América 2015, where the favorite by the fans to be summoned was Benavente, but it ended up being Cueva, who had a bad time in Alianza Lima. Gareca bet to death for the player and since then it has given him results for the societies he was looking for.

Benavente vs Cueva

Today, Christian Benavente, with a long list of television ampays and the protagonist of public cases such as urinating on public roads, continues to be a determining factor in the game of the Peruvian team. In the triumph over Ecuador it was with a new society: he got together with Gianluca Lapadula and they destroyed it. Is Gareca capable of sacrificing that new gaming relationship that also worked? Apparently not. In the previous one against Brazil, Gareca preferred to ignore discipline and focus on soccer.

At the same time, while Cueva has had professional ups and downs, Benavente has been even more irregular. It never became consolidated in Europe. He has not played for 4 months and has not started in his last team. Perhaps the biggest difference is that the first always had the support of the Tiger, while the second had to fight against the demands of the summons, alone.


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