July 28, 2021

defeat after leading by 26 points, in a Game 5, at home, the choke is HIS-TO-RIQUE

There was the comeback of Barcelona against PSG, there were the raised arms of Julian Alaphilippe, there were the frank throws of Nick Anderson in 1995. Now? There will therefore be Game 5 of the Sixers against the Hawks in the conference semifinals, on June 16, 2021. An incredible scenario, in a match that Joel Embiid and his sons should have won a hundred times, a thousand times, but in the end c t is through the tiny little door that the Sixers make history. In two words ? Hon, and Teux.

Everything was going for the best. Joel Embiid was responsible in the first half to make Clint Capela understand that he had opened his throat too much before the match and had asked him a mixtape prohibited to under 18 years, Seth Curry had become the best Curry of the League, and opposite the poor Falcons did not succeed. Logic finally respected, between the best team in the East this season and a young group of birds already guaranteed to tick “successful” in front of the dash “season 2020-21”. Then on is talking about a game at home, in a Wells Fargo Center rightly reputed to be one of the hottest cauldrons in the NBA and white-hot tonight by the ringing of a bell of a certain Allen Iverson. So all is for the best, in the best of all possible worlds, even if Tobias Harris is struggling with his shot, even if Ben Simmons is a huge ball as soon as he lands on the throw line.

The evolution of the score in this match? It leaves little doubt as to its outcome, and at the same time to the end of the series. Up to 17 points in the first quarter, because Joel Embiid has a Swiss doormat and throne 20 points at 8/8 shooting in ten minutes. Then up to 26 pawns in the second quarter, because Shake Milton, Matisse Thybulle and Seth Curry are pounding, because Joel Embiid continues his Caterpillar operation, because Ben Simmons is a playmaker in a wrestling corps. 62-40 at halftime, the CM of the Sixers laughed, logical because there is no match. It’s 3am, we get bored a bit, it happens.

The third quarter? The Hawks finally start to score, John Collins is present in defense, Trae Young is heating up a bit in attack, but Seth Curry, Steph Curry’s brother, Ayesha Curry’s brother-in-law, Riley Curry’s uncle and the Dell Curry’s sons take turns scoring. The gap is the yoyo but goes back a time to +26, you had to bang your fist on the table and the Sixers did it, nothing to complain about except that we then decided to go take a little shower because the 29 degrees in the living room makes you sweat a lot. 22 points ahead at the end of the third quarter, Doc Rivers brought out Ben Simmons and Connor McGregor Joel Embiid to the cheers of a conquered crowd, here is an evening that it is perfect.

The last quarter? It is perfectly launched by Lou Williams, Danilo Gallinari and Onyeka Okongwu, while the bench of the Sixers smells a bit of gastro. Moreover, the Lou Will was expected with a firm footing, supporting evidence:

A wobbly trio which is therefore not, and a gap which decreases, as often finally when the tension falls, as often when a match ends before the hour. It’s 4am, and we still don’t worry about Philly. 4:02, we start to worry, little. Danilo Gallinari suspicious but has just scored from the parking lot, the Hawks are at 11 points, and Doc Rivière must then revive his duo of All-Stars. The Process once again finds Seth Curry the perfect partner in crime and the gap returns to 15, the boss has spoken and the bill will not be long in coming. 14 points ahead six minutes from the end, a match played at a false pace and, incredible spoiler: the Sixers… will not… score… a basket of the match. Lou Williams scores from far, Joel Embiid has gas, John Collins scores from far with the board, Joel Embiid has leaks, the Hawks are at 8 points. Trae Young cracks two floaters, hallelujah Ben Simmons throws two, Clint Capela completes a 2014 Spurs level collective action, Joel Embiid has holes in his underpants, Trae Young returns to coal, the Hawks are at 2 points. Trae Young? 3-point shot fake the Fouiny Babe special, Matisse Thybulle is not the last born either but bites with the feint, three throws, three out of three, the Hawks are… in front.

Will the Sixers react by being led when they failed to keep a 26-point lead? Ok, lol. Danilo scores, Seth Curry draws a blank, Trae Young also then Doc Rivers takes a time-out, and when Doc Rivers takes a time-out in Playoffs you know very well what’s going on (nothing). The handsome Italian makes a mistake on Joel Embiid, Joel Embiid… misses his two throws (!), Throws that a Trae Young will obviously not miss who will take advantage of the windfall to increase his score to 38. The shot buzzed by Seth Curry (the only shot in SIX minutes for the Sixers) will not change anything, the Sixers have just been trampled after having led by almost 30 pawns, at home, in a decisive Game 5.

Huge puddle of choke deposited last night by the men of Doc Rivers, among those that will be remembered for a long time. The Sixers? They are now up against the wall, and it is quite… well done for them. Friday’s Game 6 is shaping up to be incredible, Philly’s reaction too, unless the locaix briefs haven’t had time to dry by then.