August 2, 2021

EM diary: Christian Eriksen needs and gets a defibrillator

  • 10:49 a.m .: ➤ Doctors will use a defibrillator for Christian Eriksen
  • 10:02 am: Emotional message: fans and players want to clap for Eriksen
  • 07:58 am: Pavard’s faint after Gosens check: FIFPro criticism of UEFA
  • 05:02 am: German EM game lets cellular data usage skyrocket

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➤ Christian Eriksen gets a defibrillator

The Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen will have a so-called implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) inserted after his collapse in the match against Finland.

“After various examinations of Christian’s heart, it was decided that a defibrillator would be implanted for him,” said the Danish Association (DBU). Such a device is “needed after a heart attack due to arrhythmia”.

This small device, similar to a pacemaker, is implanted in people who are at increased risk of developing irregular heartbeats. “This decision is necessary after cardiac arrhythmias had triggered a heart attack in him,” the Danish association quoted team doctor Morten Boesen in its message.

The implantation of the ICD was unanimously proposed as a treatment method by national and international experts. Eriksen agreed to this, it said in the declaration of the Danish association.

The 29-year-old collapsed in the 43rd minute of the game against Finland on Saturday. Emergency doctors and paramedics saved his life with resuscitation measures.

The other EM news of the day:

Emotional message: fans and players want to clap for Eriksen

Christian Eriksen used together in the game between Denmark and Finland.


10:02 am: The spectators in Copenhagen and the national teams of Denmark and Belgium are planning a special event on Thursday evening at their European Championship match in Copenhagen in honor of Christian Eriksen, who collapsed five days ago.

“We’ll kick the ball out of the way to briefly interrupt the game,” said Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku the night before. At this moment, which, according to the media, is planned for the tenth minute of the game, all fans and players in the Parken Stadium should applaud Eriksen for one minute.

“The hospital is near the Parken Stadium, so he will probably hear the noise too. I think he will put on his national shirt and watch the game,” said Denmark coach Kasper Hjulmand. The game between Denmark and Belgium starts on Thursday at 6:00 p.m. (LIVE in our ticker).

Roberto Martinez, Spanish coach of the Belgian national team, is facing a challenge with his team against Denmark not only in terms of sport. It is the first match after Christian Eriksen’s collapse. Martinez describes what he wants for Eriksen and how his team should still pursue their goal. (Teaser picture: Reuters / Evgenia Novozhenina) © DAZN

Matthew criticizes wailing football stars

09:36 am: Record national player Lothar Matthäus considers today’s generation of footballers to be less resilient. “I can never understand it when the players now always say: high stress, heat, English weeks,” said Matthäus in ZEITmagazin: “We used to do everything ourselves.”

Perhaps the players would have a few more games per season today, “but they now have a squad of more than 20 people, and we had 13 or 14 regular players in Mönchengladbach in the early eighties,” said Matthäus: “Rotate, that’s a word “That wasn’t a thing in football before. You always wanted to play! Even when you were injured, you wanted to play.”

In the past, according to the TV expert, it was also “rougher”. “We players have also been treated harsher by those in charge. Today the players are protected, even if they lose 3-0, then Pep Guardiola still saw the perfect game of his team at the press conference afterwards, and he himself has everything right made.”

“You used to be in the dressing room after a defeat, and outside Uli Hoeneß or Udo Lattek gave interviews, the boys mentioned you by name, how bad you were, what an ass you are. Words like that are there partly fallen in front of the camera, “said Matthäus.

Record national player Lothar Matthäus reminds today’s generation of players how rough it was on and off the pitch during his playing days. Rotation was a foreign concept – and coaches and managers insulted him in front of the camera after the game while he was sitting in the dressing room. (Teaser image: imago / Team 2) © ProSiebenSat.1

Pavard’s faint after Gosens check: FIFPro criticism of UEFA

Benjamin Pavard was stunned after this duel with Robin Gosens.


07:58 am: Due to the temporary fainting of Bayern Munich defender Benjamin Pavard in the European Championship group game between France and Germany (1-0), UEFA has again come under fire for its handling of players’ health issues. The day after the match, the professional organization FIFPro complained that the 25-year-old was allowed to continue playing after a short treatment, contrary to the charter agreed before the tournament for the protection of participants from damage caused by concussions.

“FIFPro is in contact with UEFA to find out why the charter was not applied and why Pavard was not subsequently taken off the field,” said the players’ association. According to his own statement, Pavard lost consciousness in the 59th minute after a violent collision with German defender Robin Gosens in the air and a hard impact on the ground.

“I suffered a hell of a shock,” said the defender after the match in Munich on Tuesday, “I was unconscious for ten to 15 seconds.” The former Stuttgart was then treated first on the pitch and then for a short time on the sidelines, but reported back to the referee a few moments later and ran back onto the pitch.

From the point of view of FIFPro, the processes represent a disregard of the concussion charter signed by all 24 EM participating associations. The basic agreement stipulates that a player should be removed from the game if he suspects a concussion during the match.

Even at the start of the European Championship, UEFA was in a bad light due to its approach after the life-threatening collapse of Danish national player Christian Eriksen in a duel with Finland. Critics complained that the continental federation, as the organizer, did not break off the match and gave the teams the choice between continuing the game shortly after Eriksen was hospitalized or at noon the next day, regardless of the players’ mental health.

The environmental protection organization Greenpeace apologizes for its unsuccessful protest against Volkswagen over the Munich EM arena. The pilot did not want to fly into the stadium at all, but had to make an emergency landing on the field after the hand throttle failed. Two people were injured. (Teaser image: imago images / ULMER Pressebildagentur) © Sky

Italy worries about Chiellini: “Hope it’s nothing bad”

07:48 am: The Italian national team is threatened with the loss of captain Giorgio Chiellini in the group final on Sunday in Rome against Wales. The 36-year-old defender from Juventus Turin had to be replaced after just 24 minutes with muscular problems in his thigh in the 3-0 win against Switzerland.

“I hope it’s not bad,” said coach Roberto Mancini. More detailed investigations on Thursday should provide information about the severity of the injury.

Chiellini made his 109th international match against Switzerland. He rose to Italy’s record player in European championships. It was his 14th EM deployment for the Squadra Azzurra.

Portugal coach Santos: DFB team with “enormous quality”

07:31 am: Portugal’s national coach Fernando Santos speaks with respect of the next European Championship opponent Germany. “Germany are very strong opponents with players of enormous quality and an excellent coach,” said the 66-year-old after beating co-hosts Hungary (3-0) in Budapest.

Germany won the last European Championship duel against Cristiano Ronaldo’s team in the preliminary round with a goal from Mario Gomez 1-0. On Saturday (6:00 p.m., LIVE with us in the ticker) both teams will meet again in Munich.

“Portugal are prepared to play against any opponent as they know the difficulties of every game,” said Fernando Santos.

When will it be played? Who is broadcasting the EM? Where do the games take place? This and other information can be found in the video. (Photo: iStock: Aksonov)

German EM game lets cellular data usage skyrocket

05:02 am: During the European Championship game of the German national team against France, Telefónica measured a maximum data usage value in its mobile network. In the period from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Tuesday evening, more than 800,000 gigabytes were transported in the mobile O2 network – and thus 50 percent more than in the two hours around the turn of the year 2020/21, said Telefónica.

The volume of data used has been rising for a long time because consumers are using more and more data-intensive applications and are streaming more on the go. At the same time, consumers are booking ever higher monthly data quotas, which they can then use for the agreed tariff at no extra charge.

During major sporting events, more and more people are obviously using smartphones or tablets with a SIM card in order to be able to watch on the go, a Telefónica spokesman justified the maximum value. Another football game was replaced as a data record, namely the European Championship opening game between Italy and Turkey last Friday.

In the two hours during and shortly after the game, there were almost 800,000 gigabytes in the download. Before that, there had been a maximum download value for the Champions League final between Manchester City and Chelsea at the end of May.

Swiss goalkeeper summer left after Italy game

12:18 am: The Swiss national goalkeeper Yann Sommer left for Germany immediately after Switzerland’s 3-0 defeat in the European Championship preliminary round against Italy. The 32-year-old will be a father for the second time in the coming days and wants to be there when the child is born.

When the goalkeeper from Bundesliga club Borussia Mönchengladbach will return to the national team is open. Switzerland will face Turkey in the final group game on Sunday in Baku.

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