July 27, 2021

Federal Audit Office: Spahn ordered far too many FFP2 masks

Germany According to the Federal Audit Office

The Ministry of Health is said to have ordered thirteen times as many FFP2 masks as necessary

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) is coming under increasing pressure because of his handling of the Corona crisis

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) is coming under increasing pressure because of his handling of the Corona crisis

Source: dpa / Peter Kneffel

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In chaotic processes, complains the Federal Audit Office, the Ministry of Health ordered far too much protective equipment. The costs are therefore in the billions – and could continue to rise. The authority defends itself against the allegations.

DAccording to a media report, the Federal Audit Office has accused the department of Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) of a chaotic approach to the procurement of corona protective masks. The Federal Ministry of Health procured far too many masks in a disorderly process and accepted enormous expenses, “Der Spiegel” quoted on Wednesday evening from an audit report by the financial controllers. WELT had previously reported that the Federal Audit Office had criticized Spahn’s house, among other things, for the costly billing of masks.

The purchases by a working group in the ministry had led to the fact that the quantity of all masks procured with a total of 5.8 billion pieces even exceeded an annual requirement of 4.7 billion protective masks calculated by the Ministry of Health “on the basis of extraneous assumptions by 23 percent”, it says in the report.

In the case of FFP2 masks alone, Spahn’s ministry procured “thirteen times the determined minimum requirement” and “eight times the quantities delivered to the federal states and statutory health insurance associations to date”, the Bonn authority criticized according to “ Mirror”.

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In addition to the procurement costs for the respiratory masks of 6.3 billion euros, there would be “annex costs” of 320 million euros so far, which could rise further due to legal disputes and possible disposal costs for excessively procured and expired goods, the magazine quoted further from the report. The Federal Audit Office credits the Ministry of Health with the fact that the task of obtaining masks was very difficult during the peak of the pandemic. But the “over-procurement to this extent” was “avoidable”.

According to the report, Spahn’s ministry defended itself, among other things, with the fact that the department was under “immense time pressure” in the procurement of protective equipment against the corona virus.