August 6, 2021

Italy demolishes Switzerland and qualifies for round of 16 / Euro 2020 / Gr.A / Italy-Switzerland (3-0) /

Flamboyant, collectively brilliant, Italy charred a generally helpless Swiss team this Wednesday at the Olimpico. And here is already the National in the round of 16 of the Euro.

Italy 3-0 Switzerland

Buts : Locatelli (26e, 52e), Immobile (89e) for Italy

Roberto Mancini won’t tell you that beating Switzerland was an easy thing. But he might think so. Partly because this Nati was not at the expected level. But also because his Italy looks for the moment like the most rock’n’roll team of the Euro. Switzerland saw it, suffered it and paid dearly for it. Final price? Three pawns for nothing, and Transalpines who made fun the key word of their competition.

L’light blue is a warm color

This Wednesday evening, Italy is screaming together. If only 16,000 supporters azzurri had the right to appear in the stands of the Olimpico, the stadium rumbles as if 60,000 more transalpines had come to fill its bays. Rome wants to ignite, so his darling sons will immediately strike the match, drawing a furious counter-pressing, which suffocates the Helvetii. Barella is glowing in the midfield, Spinazzola and Insigne ignite the left wing, but it is Chiellini who first thinks of blowing up the powder keg, scoring in two stages, following a corner kicked by the winger Neapolitan. Lack of pot, the goal is denied for a discreet hand from the defender Juventus, after using the video. Annoying, but too little to upset Manuel Locatelli. At the half hour of play, the box to box transalpine saw Berardi on the right, which he serves with a long pass love in first intention. The winger of Sassuolo strolls Rodríguez and serves a tense cross for … Locatelli, who has just aligned 60 meters, to finish with the fall of the ball and to score from near. It’s beautiful, it’s clean, it’s deserved, for a National decidedly lovely to watch. Only big downside on the transalpine side: Chiellini’s injury exit, replaced by Acerbi at 23e minute of play.

Loca, Loca, Locatelli

Disarmed in the first act, Switzerland finally tries to draw its strengths after the break. But neither Xhaka, helpless in the midfield, nor Shaqiri, deprived of the ball in front, send even the beginning of a shiver on the spine of the National. Italy is in control, continues to bite loudly like a Berardi starved to death in front, and Locatelli, again, finds himself almost alone at 20 meters. Enough to allow the Italian number 5 to arm a satchel with the left foot, which once again leaves Sommer powerless. The following ? Almost all-cooked. Only Zuber will have the opportunity to challenge Donnarumma, but the Frankfurt midfielder has a duel against the Lombard goalkeeper. Italy just has to finish cushy the last 20 minutes of the game, while Immobile can even plant a 3e pawn, with a cleverly placed distant shot. What to bend the whole with the manner: Italy passes very nicely its second life-size test. And especially comes to stamp his ticket for the knockout stages of this Euro 2020. Italy (4-3-3): Donnarumma – Di Lorenzo, Bonucci, Chiellini (Acerbi, 23e), Spinazzola – Barella, Jorginho, Locatelli (Cristante, 86e – Berardi (Toloi, 68e, Building, Insigne (Church, 68e. Breeder: Roberto Mancini.

Suisse (3-4-1-2) :Summer – Akanji, Schar (Zuber, 57e), Elvedi – Mbabu (Widmer, 57e), Rodríguez, Xhaka, Freuler (Sow, 83e – Shaqiri (Vargas, 75e – Embolo, Seferović (Gavranović, 46e. Breeder: Vladimir Petković.

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