July 28, 2021

José Juan Macías: the reason why you should play the Tokyo Olympics with the Mexican National Team

There is just over a month to go before one of the soccer tournaments most awaited by sports fans will be played: that of the Tokyo Olympics. Will start on July 22 and will run until August 7, date we all want to see the Mexican team leaving everything to get the gold medal. Of course, Deportivo Guadalajara will give the present in Japan.

After being the great base of the team during these last months, the Tri Sub-23 that will finally play the championship would only have 2 or 3 players from the Sacred Herd. According to the information from Record, Jesús Angulo, Fernando Beltrán, Alejandro Mayorga and Gilberto Sepúlveda they have stayed outside of the consideration of Jaime Lozano for the definitive list. Alexis Vega and Uriel Antuna have the place insured; while the great unknown is in José Juan Macías.

José Juan Macías deserves to go to the Olympics (Imago 7)

The DT has only one doubt to finish the list: include Chivas center forward or Eduardo Aguirre, element of Santos Laguna. This because of Henry Martin (America) it would be one of the major reinforcements of the equipment and would arrive to be the holder. There is only room for an area 9 to start as his substitute and Jimmy will decide these days. Here, We bring you the solution and explain why JJ deserves to travel to Asian lands.

Why does JJ Macías deserve to go to the Olympics

José Juan Macías has shown that he is a player with enormous potential since he debuted in the first division. He knew how to be a figure in León and also in Chivas, despite the fact that in this last championship it did not have a good closing. However, that does not detract from all the merit that he did previously, which was enough to be considered one of the best forwards in Liga MX and even be called up for the Senior Mexican National Team.

Gerardo Martino made him debut at El Tri at 20 years and 11 days. Played 5 games (1 friendly and 4 for the Concacaf Nations League): scored 4 goals in 263 minutes of play (1 every 65 minutes). A clear demonstration that if the ball reaches him close to the rival area, he is a devastating striker.

The native of Guadalajara, in addition, has participated in the entire process prior to the Olympic Games and he did it as a starter in the majority of it. In the Pre-Olympic he played 4 of 5 games (he came with an annoyance) and scored 1 goal that allowed Mexico to go to penalties against Honduras in the Grand Final.

His scoring side has been seen in Liga MX since his debut. According to Statiskicks, He is the Mexican with the most goals in the last 10 local championships: he scored 38. In addition, it is the one best scorer average has among all his close pursuers. Between León and Chivas, the young forward scored 42 goals in 115 games played (38 for Liga MX, 2 for Concachampions and 2 for Copa MX). Data not minor: it is the best valued player in local soccer with 10 million euros.

Captura de Twitter @Statiskicks

Eduardo Aguirre, meanwhile, scored 23 goals in 104 games disputed in his career. Seven of them he did in Ascenso MX with Tampico Madero; the remaining 16 with Santos Laguna. He was not part of the Pre-Olympic and just made his appearance in the Tri Sub-23 in this last European tour.

Last but not least, JJ forms a great forward with Alexis Vega and Uriel Antuna. They already know each other perfectly from Guadalajara, and have shown in the Mexican Under-23 National Team that they can cause disasters to the rival defense. They already have chemistry, condiment that could not be if he stops summoning Macías and puts another forward in his place.

Chivas’ trident cannot be missing at the Olympics (Imago 7)

Macías vs. Aguirre at the Guardians 2021