July 29, 2021

Junction | In 15 minutes, bad weather led to the reduction of coverage in hypermarket (W/AUDIO)

Last night, June 15th, the scene lived in the city of Entroncamento was one of deluge. Heavy rains, hail and wind caused clogging of downspouts and drains, a phenomenon that happened for approximately 15 minutes, between 9:30 pm and 9:45 pm.

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Despite the damage caused by bad weather, there are no injuries, as confirmed this Wednesday to mediotejo.net the commander of Entroncamento Voluntary Firefighters, Rodrigo Bertelo.

Today, calm reigns, but yesterday it was the storm that left its trail, in a quarter of an hour when “a heavy rain accompanied by hail and some wind” hit the city and caused “very rapid floods in urban areas, motivated by clogging of downspouts and drains, due to the hail that did not allow the water to drain”, says the captain.

It took roughly 15 minutes, between 9.30 pm and 9.45 pm, that bad weather took over the county, with a more serious situation occurring in a hypermarket in the county.

“We had a more serious situation, but only with material damage, at the E.Leclerc hypermarket, where there was a reduction in one of the roofs of one of the warehouses that made it impossible to open today”, elucidates Rodrigo Bertelo. It also adds that at the moment the hypermarket is closed, “waiting for the insurance company’s expertise to be able to carry out works and reopen it”.

AUDIO | Entroncamento Volunteer Fire Commander

The commander noted that the firefighters were still called to the hemodialysis center but that, upon arrival, they were told that the situation was resolved. “We didn’t even get in”, he says, calculating that the occurrence had to do with “some clogging of the gutter that forced water to enter the structure, namely in the false ceiling”. But “all users underwent treatment and returned to their homes normally”, he says.

Affirming that both the firefighters and the municipal services occurred to the situations and that “they managed to resolve them in good time”, the commander describes a scenario currently of “calm and recovery” – having been called up until midday for two downspout situations clogged – but warns that situations like these are increasingly likely to happen, namely due to climate change.

“At this point it’s not usual for this to happen. People also have to start being prepared for these situations because with climate change, especially, we are starting to experience a somewhat tropical climate, this could happen more often. People must also be civil protection agents and be prepared for this type of situation and collaborate”, said Rodrigo Bertelo.

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