July 26, 2021

Olivier Véran launches a “solemn appeal” and does not exclude an obligation in Ehpad

“There are 60% of French adults who have already received an injection and less than 60% of caregivers who work in nursing homes [établissements d’hébergement pour personnes âgées dépendantes], it is not justifiable ”, said the Minister of Health, Thursday, June 17, on BFM-TV-RMC. Olivier Véran launched a “Solemn appeal” to caregivers, especially in nursing homes, who have not yet been vaccinated and threatened to make vaccination compulsory for them. “It is important, they cannot be less vaccinated than the general population”, said the minister.

“I call on employers, employees in nursing homes, to be vaccinated”, he continued, warning that “If by the end of the summer, things should not improve, then yes, we would ask ourselves the question of a vaccination obligation for these particular audiences”. There is no “No justification” not to be vaccinated, he continued:

“In the city, in the liberal sector, we are at 85% vaccination coverage, in nursing homes we are at 50%. However, in nursing homes, this is where we find the most fragile people. I consider it essential and ethical to be vaccinated when you are in contact with fragile people. “

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“The objective is to reopen the discotheques”

Asked about caregivers at the hospital, he said “Wait and see”. “I hope that we can, in good understanding, improve this vaccination coverage for caregivers”, he said. Prime Minister Jean Castex on Wednesday set a target of 35 million people vaccinated (with a full vaccination schedule) by the end of August. According to the latest official figures, nearly 17 million people are already in this case.

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In addition, questioned about the discotheques, closed for long months, the Minister of Health assured that an exit from the crisis was possible in the course of July. « Alain Griset [ministre délégué aux petites et moyennes entreprises] continues to work on a health protocol. From June 21 we will know more. The goal is to reopen them. Our objective has never been to close things… Does that require a health pass? It is quite logical to do so. Will there be the required ventilation? This is what we are refining ”, assured Mr. Véran.

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