August 2, 2021

Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid and a deteriorated relationship

MADRID – This time there was no possible solution. Not a single meeting between the president Florentino Pérez and Captain Sergio Ramos prevented the rope from breaking. Neither the club had the intention of giving in with a 35-year-old player to whom it offered one more year, nor did the Sevillian lower his claims in his last great contract. It is the end of one of the great legends of Real Madrid.

The deterioration of the relationship between Sergio Ramos and the general manager José Ángel Sánchez, caused that this time the final agreement was impossible. Since January 1, with the captain in the market to receive offers, the interest of large clubs torpedoed a deal that should have been closed earlier.

“The day I leave I want to go through the big door, which is how I deserve to leave Real Madrid,” said Sergio Ramos on May 30, 2019, when he appeared to explain the inexplicable attempt to exit Chinese football and leave a phrase that has chased this year: “I would be willing to play for free because I feel that way.”

At the moment of truth it has not been like that. The offer from Real Madrid, which has been down for a year, was not accepted before the end of 2020. The gesture of leading the first drop in salary in the middle of the pandemic in the dressing room but not accepting the second. A meeting in a hotel room before a game between president and captain, “father-son” as Florentino Pérez and Ramos have defined their relationship on several occasions, have been disagreements that have tightened the rope.

Real Madrid remains faithful to a maxim installed by its president. From the age of 30, his players must earn the renewal year after year. The 12 million euros of Ramos’ salary and the hard economic moments that football goes through were not helpful to solve a situation that became enchanted.

In the past it has been solved on more than one occasion. Ramos had a proposal from Manchester United that caused the first crisis before a renewal, then came the attempted escape to China. In the club they always understood these threats as a strategy game to improve conditions. This time there would be no counter offer. The first proposal was kept by Real Madrid until the end.

Ramos understands that he still has a lot to give in football. The care that he has always given to his body, an example of professionalism in training, food and rest, he knows will allow him years in the elite. His wish was to retire at Real Madrid but he sees himself playing until he is 40, if injuries allow.

They didn’t this season. At the beginning of the course he played a game with the best cards. I threaten the club for its renewal, the backs covered by an indisputable sporting performance. But the injuries appeared and they were chained to a point that he only played five games with the white club in all of 2021 and two times with the national team. The unexpected end was his absence from the Eurocup and goodbye to Real Madrid.

In recent history the white legends have not had the best ending. Raul Gonzalez e Iker Casillas They left soon without a tribute according to their size, Cristiano Ronaldo did it for an economic issue. The same background that leaves the goodbye of the second most successful footballer in the club’s history, Sergio Ramos, who will be recognized by the club after 16 years and 22 titles.

The hero of the tenth with a historic goal in Lisbon, which leaves so many unforgettable moments to shape a legend, an example for many generations of commitment, maximum dedication and leadership. The rope broke and Ramos awaits a new adventure far from Spain. New challenges, like returning to the national team for the Nations League and the 2022 World Cup, and challenges in a new League to expand a showcase full of glory.