August 1, 2021

Vaccination center in Friesland awards 1,000 vaccinations at short notice | – Nachrichten – Lower Saxony

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Due to an error in the cold chain, the Friesland district had to give around 1,200 corona vaccinations at short notice on Wednesday. All cans were inoculated after just a few hours.

Not a single dose of vaccine had to be disposed of, said District Administrator Sven Ambrosy (SPD) and praised those responsible. It is “sensational and very impressive how the organization took place here within a very short time,” said Ambrosy.

Reinsurance with the country

Well over 1,000 people had come to the vaccination center of the district in Roffhausen. Some went away empty-handed, but reacted very understandingly, said a spokeswoman for the district to the NDR Lower Saxony. In the afternoon, the district informed about a cold chain error and called on people from Friesland who have not yet received a vaccination appointment for a first vaccination to come to the vaccination center in Roffhausen by 6.30 p.m. In the end, the vaccines were administered there for two hours longer. The period was narrow because of the interrupted cold chain, but they had reassured themselves with vaccination doctors and the state of Lower Saxony that the administration of the doses was possible until 8.30 p.m., said the spokeswoman.

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200 vaccination doses for Wilhelmshaven

Initially, the district had given the number of available cans as 600, the others were planned elsewhere, it said. However, 1,000 were inoculated on Wednesday evening. It was assumed that not so many people react, the spokeswoman said. So that no vaccine has to be thrown away, they were looking for other buyers. 200 cans were brought to Wilhelmshaven at short notice and vaccinated there. The district wanted to hold 400 more cans for emergency services from participating aid organizations. No vaccinations were required there, the spokeswoman said. That is why this vaccine could also be used for people who had traveled there.

District: No impact on planned vaccination appointments

Although 1,200 doses of the vaccination center in Friesland have now been allocated out of sequence, this should not have any effect on upcoming appointments. The spokeswoman emphasized that no scheduled vaccination appointments need to be canceled. The affected batch was intended for second vaccinations, and there were also additional doses that had not yet been scheduled. “We can organize it so that nothing will fail because of it,” said the spokeswoman.

Defect in the cold chain discovered on delivery

It is also unclear which mistake was made in the cold chain. It is customary for vaccine deliveries to be checked immediately after arrival, the spokeswoman said. It was found that the vaccines were not continuously cooled.

Saline solution instead of vaccine

The vaccination center in Roffhausen near Schortens only caused a stir nationwide in April after a nurse there injected saline solution instead of vaccine. According to the authorities, a bottle of Biontech vaccine fell down while mixing the vaccine, which she wanted to cover up.

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