August 2, 2021

What did Christian Nodal say about Lupillo Rivera removing Belinda’s tattoo?

A few days ago, it became known that Lupillo Rivera had removed the tattoo with the face of Belinda that he had on his arm; It was even the subject of various memes about it. Now, Christian Nodal he breaks the silence and gives his point of view before this action that involves his fiancée. “Well, I don’t know, everyone does what they want with their ‘pig’, with their body, sorry,” he mentioned to the media.

“Tattoos make me very happy, I always tattoo things that make me happy,” he added. “The important thing is that the man is happy.”

In interpreter of “Tell me how you want” he also gave details about the request for a hand to the singer. He assures that he was looking for the right moment to do it because since the romance began he was sure that he would make her his wife. “I was desperate because I had had like five opportunities. To begin with, I remember that two months after we had made boyfriends, I got the house and I told them ‘I want to marry Beli.’ I released the information to my family and they supported me a lot, “he added.

“For Christmas and New Year I had something nice prepared, but my family got sick from COVID and they couldn’t go,” he explained. “In Spain I was waiting for something nice to happen, she finished recording her series and I thought ‘there she goes she will wait for it’. I celebrated that she had finished her series, in quotes. It started as a party and then it was all very romantic, petals and all those things that women love. It was an unforgettable moment. I have the video, but I think that it will never come out because [le dije] ‘Do you want to marry me?’, But crying “.

Alison Buck/Getty Images for The Recording Academy; Medios y Media/Getty Images; Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Bud Light


Christian Nodal revealed that “there is no date” for the wedding with Belinda because both have a lot of professional commitments and must check their agendas. “Until we both get into focus, we have this time to enjoy ourselves.”