July 28, 2021

″In the final I decide who I point the finger at…″



Statements by the midfielder of the National Team at a press conference this Friday.

Was it one of the “muscles” of the national team in the game against France? “I helped the team to give it intensity, but I think the whole team had a different attitude from the last game [com a Alemanha]. Overall we all had more energy and gave a lot more than in the last game.”

Use the body: “I’m a powerful player and I use my body to play. It’s one of my weapons, I feel good that way. Other players have other types of qualities. Using my body is one of them, I know how to use it well. That’s why, at times, not always, I have to know how to use it, hold it, and have the ball. If it’s a quality I have, I think I have to take advantage of it, but not always, because it’s not always necessary to use the body or protect the ball.”

What are the big differences between the selection of Euro’2016 and Euro’2020? “The 2016 group had great quality, with different types of players. This year we have players who play in great teams and in great championships, they won their championships and I think the group has quality as it was in 2016.”

In 2016 he pointed to Éder, as if saying that he would be the one to decide the final against France. Ever pointed the finger at anyone to score this year? “This year we hope to reach the final and win, and then in the final I decide who I point the finger at [risos].”

Portugal arrives having passed in a group with France, Germany and Hungary. Do you have an advantage over Belgium? “It depends. Of course we had a very strong group, as they said, the death group. We are at the European Championship and all teams will give everything to win the game and get as far as possible. What matters is not much quality but yes the attitude and will that the teams called inferior will show on the field, because all the games have been competitive.”