July 24, 2021

Austria: Italians struggling, the match live

ITALY – AUSTRIA. The Italians cannot find the loophole against Austria for the moment. Live score and goals, result, summary… Experience the live match between Italy and Austria on Saturday night for the second round of 16 of Euro 2021 football, at Wembley. Also discover on which channel to see the meeting on TV and the composition of the teams.

Score Italie


0 : 0

Austria score


Italy – Austria in live

22:38 – Corner for Austria

The Austrians take advantage of Italian doubts to get a new corner in this second half. It is played together by Alaba and Laimer but it does not lead to anything.

22:35 – Italy in full doubt

Italy is really struggling in this second half against Austria and lacks edge. Difficult to recognize the exciting team of the first round seen in Rome …

22:32 – Laimer collapses in the box

Laimer collapsed in the box in contact with Pessina on an off-center free kick in favor of Austria, after an elbow received in the mouth. If there was obviously a fault, there was above all an offside position, which still saves Italy …

22:29 – Locatelli misses the target

Manuel Locatelli makes a good dribble at the entrance to the box and rolls his ball but it finally passes a good meter to the right of the Austrian goal.

22:26 – Italy: Mancini makes two changes

Roberto Mancini’s Arnautovic had to watch the rest of the game from the sidelines, after twisting his ankle with 40 minutes having been played. Verratti and Barella leave their midfield spots at Locatelli and Pessina.

22:25 – Goal denied to Austria!

On a cross from the right, Alaba took over Di Lorenzo with a header and delivered to the far post. Arnautovic followed well and deceives Donnarumma with a head under the bar! But Mr Taylor cools the Austrians with the help of the video and cancels the former Inter player’s goal.

10:20 PM – Sabitzer tries his luck!

Marcel Sabitzer fires a powerful shot 25 meters from the Italian goal. It is deflected by Acerbi and the ball escapes the frame for a few inches! On the next corner, Arnautovic manages to hit but Donnarumma catches the leather.

22:17 – Austria puts Italy to sleep

The Austrians manage to install a false rhythm in this meeting since the return of the locker room and the Italians do not manage to increase the pace of the meeting at all.

22:14 – Corner for Italy

The Italians get a corner at the start of the second half, conceded by Alaba. Bonucci rises higher than everyone else but cannot find the frame!

22:12 – Donnarumma plays with fire

On a long ball back, Acerbi surprises Donnarumma a little who is forced to run towards his goal to control the ball in his six meters. Small fear for the Italians.

22:09 – Alaba strikes over!

David Alaba concentrated before taking this shot France but the future Real Madrid side sends the ball just above Donnarumma’s crossbar!

22:07 – Dangerous free kick for Austria

The Austrians get a very dangerous free kick at the entrance to the box after a foul by Di Lorenzo in the semi-circular arc. The side of Naples also collects a yellow card, just like Barella, guilty of having contested a little too much according to Mr. Taylor.

22:04 – No change at the break

Roberto Mancini and Franco Fonda did not make any changes during the half-time and therefore have five more changes each to make in this second half.

22:02 – Start of the 2nd period.

The second half has just been kicked off by Anthony Taylor at Wembley Stadium. The score is 0-0.

21:55 – Italy held in check

Italy has not yet managed to make the difference in this meeting against Austria, in this round of 16 of Euro 2021 in London. The score is still 0-0 after the first 45 minutes. The Italians however got the best chances. Barella was defeated by Bachmann first (17th) before Immobile found the post with a superb strike from 25 meters, while the Austrian goalkeeper was beaten (32nd). Faced with a well-organized Austrian team that does not hesitate to play, Squadra Azzura will have to show more in the second half to hope to qualify.


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The probable composition of Italy : Donnarumma – Di Lorenzo, Bonucci, Acerbi, Spinazzola – Verratti ou Locatelli, Jorginho, Barella – Berardi, Immobile, Insigne. The probable composition of Austria : Bachmann – Lainer, Dragovic, Hinterreger, Alaba – Schlager, Grillitsch – Laimer, Sabitzer, Baumgartner – Arnautovic.

In France, a free-to-air broadcast is scheduled on TV for this Italy – Austria match, this Saturday June 26, 2021 (9 p.m.), on M6. Chain beIN Sports 1, accessible by subscription, will also provide live broadcasting. For streaming fans, visit the website 6play Or on beIN Connect (paying access).

Match stats

Statistics Italy


0 : 0
Statistics Austria


55 Possession 45
16 Tirs 7
3 Shoots on target 1
3 Corners 2
12 Free kicks 9
2 Excluding games 2
7 Fouls 10
2 Yellow card (s) 1
0 Carton(s) rouge(s) 0
2 Changes 0
0 Wounded 1