July 31, 2021

In a fight between Red Bull and Mercedes, Checo Pérez was fourth in the third free practice

Although his start was not the best, Checo Pérez improved and finished fourth in the third free practice of the Austrian Grand Prix

Sergio Pérez finished in fourth place in the third free practice, which had an intense duel between Mercedes and Red Bull and which had as the winner the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton, who stayed with the first position, while in second place went to Max Verstappen.

The first 20 minutes in the Red Bull Ring went to former world champions Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen, who on board the Alpine and Alfa Romeo, respectively, were among the first places. in the first minutes of activity and registering as the best time 1: 06.686 by the Spanish.

Everything changed with the departure of the powerful Red Bull and Mercedes, who began to fight for the top positions. Checo Pérez was slow to find his rhythm and did so until the ninth lap, where he signed a 1: 05.794 and put it at that time in fourth place. All this with the yellow compound, while his teammate Max Verstappen clocked 1: 04.971 on the soft rubber. That is, .823 tenths faster than the Mexican. The one from Guadalajara fought at the same pace as the Mercedes for 20 minutes, who in the red compound were only 4 tenths faster than Checo. Given this, Red Bull showed that in the face of qualifying they can be better.

In the last minutes, the real battle was lived to show who is faster, since Hamilton defended the first position he had made with a 1: 04.369 against Verstappen was he was frustrated and slower by just .204 tenths.

Checo Pérez and Bottas were also in an even battle for third place. The Finn was 1: 04.832 and Pérez was less than two tenths slower, but he showed that he can fight again to start from the second drawer, while Valtteri will have to fight for the top, since he carries a penalty of three starting positions after what he lived in pits during the second session.