July 26, 2021

More 47 positive cases and 42 recoveries in the Leiria region – Leiria region

The region of Leiria accounted for 47 more cases of infection by SARS-CoV-2 in the last 24 hours and recoveries, which brings to 280 the total of active cases this Saturday (five more than yesterday).

According to data released by local health authorities, 17 more cases were reported in Queen syrup and 11 in Leiria. With less than ten new infections, the following are the councils of Nazareth (seven more), Alcobaça (four), Obidos e Ourém (two each), Battle, great navy, Peniche e Pombal (one each).

Queen syrup it is also a municipality where more recoveries have been signaled since yesterday (14), with nine “highs” still recorded in Ourém, six in Alcobaça, five in Peniche, three in Leiria, two in Pombal, one in great navy, another in Nazareth and one last in Port of Mos.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the district of Leiria and the municipality of Ourém have recorded 30,296 confirmed cases of Covid-19, 29,134 recoveries and 882 deaths due to complications associated with the disease.

As of today, Saturday, the municipality of Leiria appears with the largest number of active cases (89), followed by Queen syrup (36), Alcobaça (28), Pombal (26), great navy (25), Ourém (19), Nazareth (11), Battle (new), Alvaiazere, Obidos e Peniche (eight each), Port of Mos (six), Bombarral (five and longing (two). Only Pear chestnut tree, Figueiró dos Vinhos e Big Pedrógão they do not have active cases according to data reported as of June 24th.

Source: Leiria District Civil Protection Commission, Médio Tejo Public Health Unit and municipalities. Data accumulated since the start of the pandemic in March 2020

The data released by the REGION OF LEIRIA refer to the 16 municipalities in the district of Leiria and the municipality of Ourém which, despite belonging to the district of Santarém, maintains close proximity to Leiria and has the Hospital de Santo André as a reference hospital.