July 24, 2021

News today: Sydney is cordoned off because of the spread of the Delta variant

The news from the weekend in stern-Ticker.

The news from the weekend in the star ticker:

6:07 p.m.: Journalists attacked by police at the Düsseldorf demo

During a demonstration in downtown Düsseldorf against a planned assembly law for North Rhine-Westphalia, journalists were attacked by police officers. A photographer from the German Press Agency reported that he had been beaten several times with a baton by an officer. He also reported on at least one other colleague who had also been attacked. Previously, pyrotechnics had been ignited in the ranks of the demonstrators.

The police initially did not provide any details about the operation. There have been a variety of occasions, said a spokesman for the Düsseldorf police. So far, one has no knowledge of injuries. The German press agency protested against the violent attack on its employees and other journalists. In a letter to the responsible North Rhine-Westphalian Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU), he demanded the complete clarification of the events in Düsseldorf.

An alliance called “Stop the Assembly Act NRW! Receive basic rights”, in which groups and organizations on the political left took part, called for the demonstration. Larger groups of football fans from Cologne and Düsseldorf also took part in the demo. A spokeswoman for the organizers estimated the number of participants in the afternoon at 6,000. The police did not provide any information on the number. The demonstration march through Düsseldorf continued in the late afternoon.

5:17 p.m.: Fire makes it difficult to find people missing from the house collapse in Florida

After the partial collapse of a twelve-story apartment building in the US state of Florida, a fire made it difficult to find people who were missing. Miami-Dade District Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said at the crash site in Surfside near Miami that it was extremely difficult to locate the source of the flames, isolate them and extinguish them. This hinders the search for people who may still be buried.

However, the rescue workers used all available instruments to fight the fire and at the same time continue to search for survivors in the rubble. “We still have hope,” emphasized Levine Cava. No other missing persons have been found so far. 159 people are still missing, according to her, four dead have been confirmed.

The building near the beach with around 130 residential units had partially collapsed on Thursday night. The misfortune surprised people in their sleep. Since then, there has been a desperate search for survivors, which was also made more difficult by the rain.

2:22 p.m.: Euro jackpot cracked – Tipper wins around 48 million euros

A still unknown gambler from Brandenburg cracked the Euro jackpot – and won around 48 million euros. The tipster was correct with all winning numbers, as Lotto Brandenburg announced after the drawing on Friday evening. He crossed the numbers 4, 17, 22, 30 and 47 as well as the euro numbers 1 and 8. The combination gives the winner exactly 48,195,035 euros and 90 cents – tax-free.

12.50 p.m.: Woman wanted in Passau with 148 arrest warrants

148 arrest warrants were pending against a woman who was caught by the border police in Passau during a vehicle inspection. The 29-year-old was at the wheel of a car for which there was no insurance, as the police announced on Saturday. When checking the data, the officers established the arrest warrants – for unpaid traffic offenses totaling around 10,000 euros.

The husband in the passenger seat was also wanted with an arrest warrant. The 26-year-old failed to pay a fine of 1,800 euros for fraud. According to the police, the woman is now in the Regensburg correctional facility for 188 days, and her husband in the Passau JVA for 100 days.

9.50 a.m.: Authorities impose a two-week lockdown on Sydney

Australia’s largest city, Sydney, will be cordoned off because of the spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus. After a lockdown for parts of the city, the authorities extended the measure to the greater Sydney area and surrounding regions. More than five million people are affected by the restrictions. From 6 p.m. (local time), the entire Greater Sydney area, the Blue Mountains and the nearby coastal communities will be cordoned off, announced Gladys Berejiklian, the head of government of the state of New South Wales. “We have to prepare for a potentially large number of cases in the days to come,” she added.

8 a.m.: RKI registers 592 new corona infections – incidence at 5.9

The health authorities in Germany reported 592 new corona infections to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) within one day. This is evident from the figures from Saturday morning, which reflect the status of the RKI dashboard at 4.18 a.m. For comparison: a week ago the value was 1108 infections. The RKI gave the seven-day incidence nationwide as 5.9 (previous day: 6.2; previous week: 9.3).

According to the information, 68 new deaths were recorded across Germany within 24 hours. A week ago there were 99 dead. The RKI has counted 3,726,172 detected infections with Sars-CoV-2 since the beginning of the pandemic. The actual total number is likely to be significantly higher since many infections are not detected.

8.31 a.m.: Air force medical transport plane arrived in Gao, Mali

After the attack on UN soldiers in Mali, an Air Force aircraft for the repatriation of injured Bundeswehr soldiers arrived in the West African crisis state. The strategic transport of the wounded landed in the city of Gao, said the operational command of the AFP news agency. Around 180 kilometers northeast of Gao, twelve German soldiers were injured in a suicide attack on Friday. Among them are three seriously injured.

News from the weekend: Two-week lockdown: Sydney will be sealed off

The injured are to be flown to Germany with the Airbus A400M for further treatment. The aircraft type was also used during the corona pandemic to provide medical aid flights to Portugal and India, among others.

5.59 a.m.: Earthquake near Strasbourg also felt in Germany

A slight earthquake in Alsace was felt in Baden-Württemberg on Saturday morning. The center of the quake with a magnitude of 3.8 was north of Strasbourg, as the Southwest earthquake service announced on Saturday. The tremors at 5 a.m. were probably felt within a radius of 20 kilometers. A few minutes later the earth shook again with a magnitude of 2.4.

A spokesman for the Offenburg police headquarters reported several worried calls from the region. According to initial findings, however, there were no damages or even injuries. There are always minor tremors in the area.

4.16 a.m.: Helicopter shot at by Colombia’s President Duque

When approaching the city of Cúcuta in eastern Colombia, President Iván Duque’s helicopter came under fire. “The helicopter in which we flew was the target of an attack,” said the head of state after landing in Cúcuta on Friday (local time). Bullet holes can be seen on the helicopter. “This government will not lose a minute in the fight against drug trafficking, terrorism and organized crime.”

Duque was en route from the town of Sardinata in the Norte de Santander department to the city of Cúcuta on the Venezuelan border with Defense Minister Diego Molano and Interior Minister Daniel Palacios when the helicopter was hit by the gunfire. According to the first information, all remained unharmed.