August 2, 2021

Parties in Hamburg’s Stadtpark: bottles thrown and arrests | – news

Status: 06/26/2021 12:37 p.m.

Another party escalated in the city park on Saturday night. The Hamburg police had to clear the large meadow between the lake and the planetarium.

There were some absurd scenes in the city park. According to the police on Saturday, around 4,000 people had gathered in the course of the evening. With a lot of alcohol they crowded into a small space and danced to loud music. When the police tried to use announcements to separate the groups, the mood turned.

Throwing bottles at officials

Eleven people were arrested or taken into custody during the police operation in the city park.

Countless bottles were thrown at the officers, who had to withdraw from time to time. With reinforcement from the Evidence Preservation and Arrest Unit (BFE), the police then tried to maintain order. The celebrants, however, played a cat and mouse game with the officers for hours. Fireworks were set off, and police officers rushed to groups of young people again and again, also using pepper spray. Several celebrants and three police officers were slightly injured. Eleven people were arrested or taken into custody. In the past few weeks there had been sprawling parties in the city park.

Senate is considering lifting the ban on dancing

According to the corona rules applicable in Hamburg, dance events are currently not allowed. Hamburg’s Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) has announced that the Senate will examine next week whether dancing outdoors is permitted again under strict conditions – such as compulsory testing.

NDR reporter Finn Kessler on dealing with major events in Hamburg.  © NDR Photo: Screenshot

AUDIO: Police dissolve parties in the city park again (1 min)

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