July 24, 2021

Ulises de la Cruz and Jacinto Espinoza start a battle against the nationalized who play for ‘La Tri’

Ecuador selection

The former ‘La Tri’ player gave his opinion about the nationalized players who play for Ecuador.

Ecuador has two points in the Copa América.  Photo: GettyImages

Ecuador selection

Ecuador has two points in the Copa América. Photo: GettyImages

Former national team player Ulises de la Cruz spoke with colleagues from Machdeportes about the current situation of the national team and the performance of various players. The exglory of the selection also referred to the nationalized players who play for ‘La Tri’.

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For this America’s Cup Gustavo Alfaro called up two naturalized players: Damián Díaz and Hernán Galíndez, both started against Peru in the last game. Faced with this situation, the great side of the national team opined that:

“In my time it was nice because I had Tin Delgado, Cléber Chala, and we spoke the language of Chota. If it costs a little between Costa and Sierra because of the different ways of being (…) imagine with a way of treating like the Argentine who drinks his mate and is thinking about something else, while one is thinking about the country, “said de la Cruz.

Damián Díaz played his first game as a starter against Peru. Photo: GettyImages

On the other hand, the historic Ecuadorian goalkeeper Jacinto ‘Chinto’ Espinoza also spoke with Machdeportes about the naturalized players of the national team and stated that:

“I still don’t understand why players like Kitu Díaz were called up, when there were players who had a better level or who were ours, Ecuadorians,” he said.

The exporter of the selection also gave his opinion on the call for Hernán Galíndez to the detriment of Moises Rámirez.

“Wasn’t there a better young player than Kitu Díaz (35 years old)? I think so. I ask: Moisés Ramírez was not much better goalkeeper than Galíndez? I can be wrong in any other position, but in the position of the arc I think I have a bit of an authoritative voice. I assure you that the boy Ramírez (20 years old, Independiente del Valle club), being ours, cholo, black, like us, we should have taken him.

Goalkeeper Hernán Galíndez started against Peru. Photo: GettyImages

On the other hand, neither Damián Díaz, who is one of the best players in LigaPro and the current Copa Libertadores, not Hernán Galíndez, a figure from Universidad Católica, have responded to the words of the former players of the national team.