July 31, 2021

Wales – Denmark: Dolberg double, the match live!

WALES – DENMARK. Denmark leads (2-0) against Wales in this first round of 16 of Euro 2020 thanks to a brace from Nice center forward Kasper Dolberg. Follow the meeting live.

19:24 – Poteau de Jensen!

Another hot action from Denmark against Wales in the round of 16. Jensen’s center shot is very close to deceiving Ward, the ball even grazed the post. The Danes push to score the goal of the ko.

19:21 – Maehle the vigilant

Good collective movement of the Welsh. James’ cross is ultimately repelled by Maehle. The corner for Wales will not give anything. Robert Page’s men aren’t capitalizing on their set pieces just yet.

19:19 – Double change for Denmark

Danish coach Kasper Hjulmand makes two changes in the round of 16 between Wales and Denmark: Delaney and Damsgaard are replaced by Jensen and Norgaard.

19:16 – Change for Wales

Second change for Wales against Denmark in the first round of 16 of theEuro 2020. Coach Robert Page decided to bring in Wilson instead of Morrell.

19:14 – Delaney au sol

Concern for Thomas Delaney, the player from Denmark remains on the ground and seems to be suffering from cramps. He finally got up.

19:12 – The Danes got off to a good start

After a start to the match in favor of the Welsh, it was finally the Danes who opened the scoring and then doubled the lead thanks to Dolberg. The Niçois launched his own in this meeting before taking advantage of the recovery error of Williams who relaunched in his feet in the box. So it’s 2-0 for Denmark.

19:11 – Kjaer repels danger

Quick Wales counterattack against Denmark. Ramsey overflows on the right side and crosses at the penalty spot. The danger is repelled by the Danish defender.

19:09 – Double Dolberg!

Nice foray from Braithwaite on the right side. The FC Barcelona player crosses low at the penalty spot. This is miserably rejected by Williams. Leather returns to Dolberg who cheats on Ward at close range.

19:06 – ⚽ Goal for Denmark (0-2)!

Kasper Dolberg finds the opening for his team in the 48th minute of play in this second half!

19:04 – Can the Welsh overthrow the Danes?

Wales now have 45 minutes to try to overthrow Denmark in the round of 16 of Euro 2020. This will require repeating the actions taken by Rob Page’s men in the first quarter of an hour of the match. , which hurt the Danes.

19:02 – Start of the 2nd half.

The second half has just been kicked off by the match referee in Amsterdam. The score is 0-1.

18:58 – Dolberg factor X

While he should have started the match again on the bench, Kasper Dolberg benefited from the injury of Yussuf Poulsen to start the match. A choice that paid off for Kasper Huljmand since the center-forward of OG Nice shone in these first 45 minutes and offered the advantage to Denmark against Wales.

18:53 – Dolberg’s goal on video

Nice striker Kasper Dolberg opened the scoring in the 27th minute in this encounter between Wales and Denmark. Discover in video the superb coiled up of the Danish in video.

18:50 – Danish advantage at the break

The referee of the meeting whistled the end of the first act. After the first 45 minutes, Kasper Huljmand’s men lead (1-0) logically thanks to a goal from Kasper Dolberg. Despite some hot actions in the first quarter of an hour, the Welsh are logically led to the break.

18:47 – It’s half time in Amsterdam between Wales and Denmark

The lights are green for Denmark: after this first act, possession of the ball is largely to the advantage of Denmark (58% against 42% for Wales), which has also created the most serious opportunities with 3 shots on target against 1 shots on target for Wales and which therefore logically leads in this meeting.

18:44 – it grows on the Danish side!

Kasper’s men push to sign the break before the break against Wales. After a great collective action, Maehle tries his luck in the box. It is cleared in a corner. It won’t work.

18:41 – Yellow card for Moore

Second rusk of this meeting between Wales and Denmark, this time it is Kieffer Moore who is warned after a big foul on Kjaer.

18:39 – Change for Wales

First change of this meeting between Wales and Denmark. Welsh coach Robert Page makes his first change: Robert, injured, is replaced by Williams.

18:37 – The Welsh regain their senses

Completely amorphous after the opening scoring of Dolberg, the Welsh finally seem to be recovering. Rob Page’s men took possession of the leather for a few minutes.

18:34 – Damsgaard in his works

What a festival again for the Dane who has fun facing Joseff Morel and eliminates him with a subtle double contact before finding a relay and crossing. Danny Ward finally wins ahead of Dolberg.

18:32 – Dolberg opens the scoring!

Established in place of Poulsen, the Nice center forward opened the scoring against Wales. Found by Damsgaard, the Dane entering the area tries his luck. His curled shot hits the mark and deceives Danny Ward.

18:27 – ⚽ Goal for Denmark (0-1)!

Kasper Dolberg finds the opening for Denmark in the 27th minute of play in this 1st half!

18:26 – Yellow card for Rodon

First yellow card of the meeting. Spurs defender Tottenham commits a gross foul on Dolberg. Logical rusk for the Welshman.

18:24 – Danish alarm clock

After conceding a few hot actions in the first quarter of an hour, Denmark set foot on the ball and took the initiative of the game. The Welsh fell back and suffered against the Danish collective.

18:22 – Third corner for Denmark

Highlight for Denmark against Wales for a few minutes and third consecutive corner for Kasper Hjulmand’s men. The danger is cleared by Kieffer Moore.

18:18 – James strike

Nice collective action of the Welsh. Robet Page’s men have taken the time to build. Allen finds James transplanting in the middle and attempts a ground strike. His attempt is not framed.

18:14 – Welsh take over

Another hot Welsh action. Although found on the right side, Gareth Bale finds Ramsey entering the box trying his luck. His shot on target is finally captured by Schmeichel. Robert Page’s men started the meeting with their feet to the ground.

18:11 – Bale again!

Very active in these first minutes of the meeting, Gareth Bale once again tries his luck from afar, this time full axis. The Welshman’s strike this time largely missed.

6:10 PM – Bale’s strike!

First big opportunity signed Gareth Bale. The Welshman climbs the ball to the right side and transplanted in the axis with his left foot. His powerful strike went right past Kasper Schmeichel’s goal.

18:08 – Dolberg try your chance

The striker of OG Nice, holder in the absence of Poulsen, inherits the ball back to goal. He turns around and tries his luck from afar. His strike goes largely next to the Welsh cage.


In France, no free-to-air broadcast is planned on TV for this Wales – Denmark match since only the channel beIN Sports 1, accessible by subscription, will provide live broadcasting. For streaming fans, visit the website beIN Connect (paying access).