August 2, 2021

EM sponsors place perimeter advertising in rainbow colors

Wales versus Denmark
VW, TikTok and Co .: EM sponsors place perimeter advertising in rainbow colors

Several EM sponsors wanted to show solidarity with the LGBTQ movement with colorful advertising perimeter (screenshot)


After the hotly debated ban on rainbow lighting in the Allianz Arena, some of the European Championship sponsors also reacted. At the first round of 16 match between Wales and Denmark, several companies opted for colorful perimeter advertising.

After the Uefa banned the city of Munich from illuminating the Allianz Arena for the DFB-Elf game against Hungary in rainbow colors, there was criticism. Afterwards, numerous companies expressed their solidarity with the LGBTQ movement. In the first round of 16 of the EM between Wales and Denmark, several companies now switched to colorful perimeter advertising – including car manufacturer VW, the social media platform TikTok, the Heineken brewery and the online travel agency

But not all sponsors went with them: Companies like the Russian gas company Gazprom, electronics giant Hisense or the airline Qatar Airways left it with their usual color scheme.

There were already discussions about how the sponsors would react to the Uefa ban. The catering delivery service Just Eat Takeaway, which operates in Germany under the name Lieferando, was one of the few donors to show a direct reaction, according to “Business Insider”. The company posted its rain-colored logo on its social media channels:

The long-standing sponsor Coca Cola, however, kept a low profile. According to “Business Insider”, the beverage manufacturer only referred to the Uefa’s decision.

Uefa itself also dipped its logo in rainbow colors

In a message published on several social media channels, Uefa announced on Tuesday that it was part of a cosmopolitan, tolerant society – and dipped the otherwise red logo in rainbow colors. In an attached statement, the association also justified itself to its numerous critics. “It is a symbol that embodies our core values ​​and promotes everything we believe in – a more just and equitable society that is tolerant of everyone, regardless of their background, belief or gender.”

swell: ARD TV broadcast; “Business Insider”