August 5, 2021

Football EM 2021: Austria misses the miracle against Italy

Sport Defeat after extra time

Austria misses the miracle against Italy

Out after extra time – Austria’s drama against Italy in the video

Austria scratches the sensation by a hair’s breadth against EM co-favorite Italy. Stuttgart striker Sasa Kalajdzic even gave the Italians the first goal they conceded in extra time, but could no longer avert the end of the tournament. The highlights in the video.

Austria delivers a big fight to the big favorites in the European Championship round of 16 and can decide the game in the second half. But first the video evidence strikes and then Italy in the extension.

Dhe sensation was within one’s grasp, but it did not take place. Austria forced Italy into extra time in the European Championship round of 16 in London with a 0-0 win. It got really dramatic there. The big favorite won 2-1 in the end.

Regular time had seen two different halves. In the first half of the game Italy were the significantly better team, but missed two great chances to take the lead. After the change, the struggling Austrians sensed their chance, freed themselves more and more and in turn came up with opportunities against the big favorites and also scored a header by Arnautovic (65th). However, this was revoked after video evidence because of a wafer-thin offside position. In the end, it was Italy rather than Austria that saved themselves in extra time.

There, however, the southern Europeans struck quickly. In the 95th minute, Spinazzola crossed the ball into the right-hand side of the penalty area, which was criminally released by the Austrians. Substitute in the 84th minute, Chiesa took the ball with his head and then sank it with his left instep in the long corner of the goal – 1-0 for Italy, which was to follow 2-0 before the change. A substitute scored this goal as well. It was Pessina who used a preliminary work by Acerbir to make a decision.

Kalajdzic made the connection

Even after this deficit, the Austrians didn’t give up, but missed two more great chances before Kalajdzic even managed to catch up after a corner with a header (114th). But it wasn’t enough for more.

Austria leaves with their heads held high, for Italy the tournament continues on July 2nd with the quarter-finals. Opponent is the winner of the game Belgium against Portugal.

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The Austrians were frustrated after the defeat: “Absolutely not a deserved victory for Italy. They had phases when they were better. But we were at least equal, if not better in part, ”said Stuttgart attacker Sasa Kalajdzic on ZDF. “A huge compliment to the team. That was great football over 120 minutes. ”

Italy’s coach Roberto Mancini also showed appreciation after the game: “We had to suffer. Many people may have thought this was going to be an easy game. But you don’t beat the Austrians just like that. “

“No matter who comes, we will approach the game with the right attitude,” said goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma. Coach Mancini, on the other hand, does not want Portugal’s superstar Cristiano Ronaldo or Belgium’s storm tank Romelu Lukaku as their next opponent. “I would like to avoid both, but unfortunately that is not possible,” said the 56-year-old.