August 6, 2021

In Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Laurent Wauquiez hopes for his re-election while abstention remains at the highest

Only a massive mobilization of the electorate would be likely to change the situation in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. The great upheaval does not seem to be on the agenda for the second round. The participation rate of 12.05%, recorded at noon, is only a few decimal places higher than last Sunday, at the same time (11.86%). If the trend is confirmed this afternoon, the order and the gaps between the three candidates should not be changed.

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Unless the situation turns around, the united left bloc – Europe Ecologie-Les Verts, the Socialist Party (PS) and the French Communist Party – led by the ecologist Fabienne Grébert, will find it difficult to overthrow the announced preeminence of the outgoing president. Reduced to 12.33% in the first round, the National Rally will also have difficulty claiming the role of challenger that Andréa Kotarac claimed during the campaign.

Laurent Wauquiez obtained 43.79% of the votes in the first round last Sunday. In very favorable waivers, the outgoing president (Les Républicains, LR) voted at the end of the morning, in his commune of Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire). Accompanied by his wife, the leader of the regional right, in a suit and white shirt, tweeted a photo, which shows him in the process of his ballot a well-stocked ballot box.

One way to show some confidence. The former minister of higher education planned a statement very early in the evening, just after the announcement of the results. As if he was rapidly moving into the rest of the political calendar. In the event of his re-election at the head of the second region of France, Laurent Wauquiez joins the trio who can claim the LR candidacy for the next presidential election, alongside Xavier Bertrand and Valérie Pécresse. The magnitude of his score will give an additional argument in the race which begins on the right.

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“Everything except a normal and republican election”

At substantially the same time, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem voted in Villeurbanne. Smiling, in jeans and sneakers, the socialist candidate takes the time to inspect the ballots in the voting booths, looking for an indicator of the votes. “It’s a candidate thing”, amuses the former Minister of Education.

Behind the relaxed appearance, anger and regret surface. “We started the real campaign six days before the election. People were just starting to listen to us. I don’t know if we can qualify this election as an election ”, confides the former elected Lyonnaise. “It looks like anything but a normal and republican election”, abounds with him Cédric Van Styvandael. For the mayor (PS) of Villeurbanne, the dysfunction of the distribution of professions of faith has played a role “A very important role” in abstention.

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