August 2, 2021

Nicolás Castillo’s message on Instagram about his desire to play for America again

Nicolás Castillo is completely determined that his return to the courts is this semester that is to come. The directive de América has already made a determination regarding his immediate future with the team and although he is in preseason with the club, he does not enter into plans for the next tournament, so they are looking for accommodation in another club either on loan or for sale if some agree to pay the value of their letter.

Despite that, the Andean does not give up, he works with intensity in the daily training sessions and in his account of Instagram He published a message in which he implies that no matter how much they tell him that he will not be able to return with the Eagles, he does not stop thinking that he will achieve his mission after, according to him, he has no risk if he plays again.

“When they say no, show them YES”, were the words written by Nico, which generated reactions from fans in their support and who trust in being able to see him play again with the azulcremas, something that has not happened since January of last year, shortly before he underwent surgery on the adductor that later it derived in the clinical problem that we know it.

It was last Tuesday when Castillo reported in the facilities of Coapa. Previously he did the medical examinations and relevant physical tests to be able to train with his teammates, so he is waiting to know what will happen with him because, at this moment, the Millonets They have full quotas for foreigners and some would have to leave to be able to take it into account if the directive so wanted.

In such a way, Nicolas Castillo he has made his position clear. The desire to return to the courts on his part is total and he waits for an opportunity to show that he is ready, either with America or some other team that wants to have their services.