July 24, 2021

Portugal fails final qualifying for the Beach Soccer World Cup

AThe two teams had secured a place at the next World Cup the day before, in August, in Russia, but today they worked hard to reach the final, playing a good quality match, which only the good performance of the goalkeepers prevented had more goals.

In the first match, in the group stage, Portugal beat Ukraine 1-0, after a very disputed match, such as this one today, in which the Ukrainians dominated until the middle of the second period, controlling the national attack well.

Ukraine left a warning after just two minutes, with a free-kick to the right post of Elinton Andrade’s goal.

Portugal struggled to go forward and went into trouble again after six minutes, when the Ukrainian counterattack caught Elinton out of goal: Bruno Torres intervened, who cut over the goal line.

Ukraine’s ascendancy remained, forcing Elinton Andrade to shine on three occasions with shots from Glutskyi, Nerush and Medved.

Portugal woke up, started having more ball and reaching the opposite goal. In the first most obvious situation, Bê Martins almost scored with a subtle and timely ‘hat’, but the ball went to the crossbar.

In the last period, the game intensified, with split chances and the two goalkeepers stood out. On the Portuguese side, Pedro Mano replaced Elinton at the time and was instrumental in postponing the opponent’s goal, as was Nerush in the other goal.

Again in a ‘hat’, by Belchior, the national team almost scored, but Nerush stretched out in time. And, soon after, towards the end, Léo Martins also stopped, isolated in front of the goal of the team from the east.

No goals, the decision went to extra time and then Ukraine resolved well.

With a strong re-entry, the Ukrainians scored in the 37th minute: a start from the right by Voitenko, who fired powerfully into the upper left corner of Pedro Mano’s goal.

Portugal came close to drawing a free-kick from Léo Martins, but the shot sent the ball to the post, frustrating the national team’s ambition to be in the final of a competition they never won.

Game at Estádio do Viveiro – Jordan Santos, in Nazaré.

Ukraine — Portugal, 1-0 (after extra time).

At the end of the first period: 0-0.

At the end of the second period: 0-0.

At the end of the third period: 0-0


1-0, can I, 37 minutes.


– Ukraine: Sabatiuk, Voitok, Korniichuk, Zborovskyi and Meved. Jogaram ainda Shcherytsia, Glutskyi, Voitenko, Pashko, Zavorotnyi, Nerush (gr) e Sirenko.

Selector: Kostenko Mykola.

– Portugal: Elinton Andrade, Bê Martins, André Lourenço, Belchior and Léo Martins. Pedro Mano (gr), Rúben Brilhante, Bruno Torres, Von, Rodrigo Pinhal, Bernardo Lopes and João Cabral also played.

Selector: Mário Narciso.

Referee: Gionni Matticoli (Italy).

Disciplinary action: Bruno Torres yellow card (32).

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