July 24, 2021

Portuguese living in Germany forced to change holiday plans

Ahe messages of sadness, resignation and some confusion multiply on the social network Facebook. After the Robert Koch Institute’s decision, which requires a 14-day quarantine for those traveling from Portugal, is known, many Portuguese are canceling or changing their vacations.

Portugal is classified as an area of ​​variants [do SARS-CoV-2] of concern, initially for two weeks, which makes quarantine mandatory, even with a negative test, proof of vaccine or immunity.

“It’s very sad”, writes Maria Relvas, who finds herself “unable to see her family” this year, stressing that changing the holidays will be practically impossible.

Nicole Saraiva had everything planned. After choosing not to travel to Portugal last year, he will have to stay again without seeing his family, despite having already had two doses of the vaccine. “Because of work, I can’t be quarantined for two weeks,” he lamented.

Living in Berlin for five years, Ângela Fernandes tells the Lusa agency that she has a flight scheduled to Lisbon for July 10th, but hasn’t canceled yet.

“I’m hoping things can change by then (…) I consider canceling because I can’t do two weeks of quarantine. My employer says that when traveling to a risk zone I’m on my own, it’s my responsibility , soon I will have to deal with the consequences, such as a deduction from the salary,” he explained.

“Here in Berlin, the lack of confidence came later than in Portugal, which means that we are only now beginning to have a small idea of ​​a normal life. The psychological effects of going back again are heavy,” he revealed.

With a wedding scheduled for July 3rd in Ferreira do Zêzere, Sofia Aleixo will have to change everything again. First, it changed the outbound flight, which was planned for Lisbon. Now there is no change possible.

“I already had everything scheduled and planned, and I can’t be in an event that won’t happen again,” he lamented, in statements to Lusa news agency.

Rui Couto, living in Munich, goes to Portugal every summer. He hasn’t seen his family for almost a year, and he will continue to do so.

“In March of this year I decided to change my job here in Germany (…) As I’m also going to change my apartment, I would have to come back by July 14th (…) With the new rules, and despite being already vaccinated, I would have to do a quarantine starting on July 5th, which would prevent me from taking care of everything. I have no option but to cancel it”, he pointed out.

“I haven’t seen my family for about a year, and now we would finally all be vaccinated, but the new variant and the tight rules leave me no choice but to postpone family reunion a few more months,” added the Portuguese from Espinho. .

Paulo Madeira had planned three weeks of vacation. With the quarantine they would be reduced to two, which “does not pay off financially”, he admitted to Lusa.

“I trust the decisions of the German authorities, I consider them to be of the utmost competence and if they had this attitude it is because something is not right,” he stressed.

For Filipa Sofia this situation is “very difficult and sad” because Portugal went from “beast to beast in a week”. This Portuguese woman is going to cancel the trip to Lisbon as her children, who attend school, do not have vacations and cannot do a 14-day quarantine.

Speaking to Lusa news agency, the councilor for Portuguese communities, Alfredo Stoffel, admitted that he will also have to cancel his planned vacation to Portugal, wondering about the advantage of being vaccinated and having two tests a week. It has received several messages of “disappointment, disbelief and insecurity”.

The decision will take effect at 00:00 on Tuesday (June 29). Its origin will be the increase in the incidence rate in Portugal, which registers 137.5 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants.

On Tuesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized the lack of common rules in the European Union (EU) regarding travel and used as an example the increase in infections in Portugal, a situation that “could have been avoided”.

Prime Minister António Costa stressed on Friday, after the European Council meeting, that he had spoken with the leader of the German government, not seeing her words as “inconvenient or critical”.

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